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  1. Pinion

    Wanted  looking for a carb, linkage and air cleaner for 2F 40

    My rig has never really run right with the POS aftermarket carb that came on one of my motors over the years. I'm in MA and looking for a setup. I'm all out of parts to make it work, so I'm looking for anyone who is parting out a 40 who has it available. I'll rebuild the carb if necessary. Let...
  2. Pinion

    Free Parts! FJ40 (1971 & 1978)

    Hi, I havent logged on here in probably 3 years or so, but I wanted to pass along/pay forward a lot of random FJ40 parts. I'm moving in mid November, and in the process of cleaning the garage I've come across a lot of things I dont need. Instead of trying to sell the stuff, I'm giving it...
  3. Pinion

    Request for Metrowest CO2 suppliers

    I need to pull a part from a JY. I also want to start using my mig with gas. The price difference for me pulling the JY part vs. the JY pulling it is $115. I already have a regulator and enough parts to make an OBA tank, but dont have the tank. So, I'm looking for pricing for C25 in the...
  4. Pinion

    Burlington, VT dealership closing

    Here's a chance to pick up a few items. I'm sure everyone could find a use for the Engine Flush machine. Use it all in one weekend and then sell it as a fundraiser. Automotive Mechanic Shop Equipment - Auto Dealer Equipment Liquidation
  5. Pinion

    Help wanted in Milford, MA this weekend. BYO Basket Cases

    I'm going to Eastham for my birthday/1st year anniversary on the 25th and am trying to get the cruiser road ready. It would be nice to take it out to the Cape, and my wife actually suggested my finishing the Cruiser for the occasion. I have a list of stuff that still needs to get done...
  6. Pinion

    Axle Stuff and hard top in Milford, MA

    I swapped over a set of fine spline birfs, knuckles and calipers from an axle I had purchased a few years ago. As a result, I have a few leftovers which will hopefully help recoup my costs and be of assistance to someone else. Make offers. I dont feel like researching. Coarse spline...
  7. Pinion

    FJ40 Axle Housing in MA

    I have an axle housing from an FJ40 that had the perches relocated for a spring over. Not sure about the quality of the welds..I wouldn't run it in this condition, but new perches aren't expensive (Or you can make your own). The knuckles have not been cut/turned. $75
  8. Pinion

    Coarse spline birfields and axle shafts in MA

    I have a set of good axles that I am looking to sell. $100
  9. Pinion

    Need to borrow 54mm socket for axle hubs

    I have finished my disk brake swap and I'd like to use the socket to torque everything down instead of my old tried and true method of hammering it with a flat blade screwdriver. If someone would like to loan me theirs, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Rob
  10. Pinion

    How do I join?

    I have really enjoyed meeting the people from Yankee Toys recently and was wondering what I could do to join. I dont have a lot of time. I want to be up front about that. At times, I really want to hang out with people who want to hear what I am interested in. My wife has grown tired of my...
  11. Pinion

    Wanted  Drum MC

    I may be mistaken, but I am using a disk/drum MC on my 40 which has drums on all corners. This may be the issue that is causing my fronts to leak. If you know I'm right or wrong, feel free to point and laugh. After you've regained your composure and have a 4 wheel drum MC to sell please...
  12. Pinion

    Reboot: Looking for 33x10.5x15 tires

    Since the server was reset, I am still looking for a set of mud tires for my stock rims.
  13. Pinion

    Need a windshield for my 71 FJ40

    After not touching the Cruiser all summer due to getting hitched, I have been driving it all weekend without a windshield frame or windshield. I'm actually enjoying it, but want to start rehabbing my hard top with it on the truck. I was wondering if anyone had a spare that would fit a 71 FJ40...
  14. Pinion

    Free trailer in MA

    This is from a scrambler back end. Set up spring over and has an AMC20 axle with bald 33's. Actually, I just rotated the axle upside down. I will need help putting it up on the axle. Would take 30 mins to put it on. Will need some tail lights, but everything else is there. $Free
  15. Pinion

    Aussie Roo Bar in MA

    Bought it with the intent of mounting it to my 40, but decided against it. A little rusty, but some time with a wire wheel would put it right. I'd put it up against a whitetail any day. $50
  16. Pinion

    electronic coil/ignitor package in MA

    Has a new Accel coil and the ignitor needed to have a resistor soldered in. Selling the coil, do what you want with the ignitor. It probably works fine, but I dont want to toss it. $20
  17. Pinion

    35" black plastic tool box for FJ40 in MA

    I bought this a few years ago with the intent of mounting it to the inside of the 40 bed to store things in. It has never seen weather and has been holding misc. cruiser parts. I bought it at Lowe's but dont remember what I paid for it. Im sure I have a key for it on my random key keychain...
  18. Pinion

    Winch fairlead in MA

    Works $20
  19. Pinion

    Warn wich controller

    I was saving this for the guy who bought my Tacoma, but I lost his email address and any way to contact him. The controller and box are going together and they work. $50
  20. Pinion

    FJ40 front disk axle in MA

    I was going to use it for a front disk brake conversion, but my drums are fine at this point and I need to focus on other parts of the cruiser. I dont know the spline count. If you can give me an easy way to identify it, let me know. $150
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