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    I installed a bumper, winch and led lights yesterday - pics

    Looks great
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    1981 HJ47 Restoration

    I was drooling over this truck today!
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    FJC Bumper Prototypes

    So the rear bumper pictured wouldn't work with bushwackers installed....
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    FJC Bumper Prototypes

    Swing out?
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    For Sale FJ Cruiser Gear Type Razor Wings, TT Valance

    Razor Wings Sold!
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    For Sale  FJ Cruiser Gear Type Razor Wings, TT Valance

    Got a new bumper, need these gone: Gear Type Razor Wings $125 shipped (Painted w/ Duplicolor bed liner) Trail Teams Front Valance $90 shipped (Small scuff from bottom of license plate) OEM mud flaps (4) no hardware $65 shipped (Front flaps have a small screw hole in them, Not noticeable when...
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    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    07 Ti
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    New Bumpers

    Looks awesome! How are the prices?
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    Change tire size calibration for larger tires 2012 FJ

    I'm running 285 Baja MTZ's and the calibration is perfect
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    2008 vs 2010 and newer

    I have an 07 with 80k, no issues at all (knock on wood).
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    New FJ Cruiser

    Btw the RC 3" lift is great, but as I didn't listen to sr. Members in all of the FJ forums, I am going to upgrade. It's a great 1st lift (depending on your wheeling habits) but if you plan on upgrading in future then just save more and get the one you really want (ie. OME , Toytec, Icon etc)...
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    New FJ Cruiser

    Might wanna consider doing a body mount chop if ur going with 33"s. you'll prob rub if you don't, though all rigs and tires are diff. I run Baja MTZ's and def needed to chop. I would do the lift then BMC then tires IMO.
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