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    87 FJ60 rear sway bar

    Can anyone help me find a sway bar for my 87 fj60. I've searched around without any luck. What are my options? Thanks.
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    87 FJ60 - Thermostat guage diagram

    I need help in getting my thermostat gauge replaced. Does anyone here have a diagram or know where I can find one. How long does it take and does it require removing the dash? Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
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    FJ60 Temp gauge unusually high

    Here's my issue with my newly rebuilt engine. Just about everything in the engine is new or rebuilt (new radiator, fan clutch & water pump) I noticed that after a while the temp gauge needle goes up to almost the red area. I took it back to the shop who did the work and had pressure testing...
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    West LA mechanic

    I need an FJ60 mechanic. Anyone know one in West Los Angeles? I don't see any in the register. Thanks.
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    Temperature after rebuild

    Picked-up my rig from the shop yesterday. I had my engine completely rebuilt. Driving around I noticed my temperature gauge was up above 3/4. What's the normal range after a rebuild? Anyone here have the issues? She runs really well and much quieter, more power and a lot fun to drive. Thanks.
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    Noise under the dash?

    Ok. This has been bugging me for some time now. I noticed this clucking noise under my dash below the vents. More noticeable when I accelarate and stop. I haven't been able able to figure it out. My mechanic took a crack at it but said he would need more time to take most of the plastic under...
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    Stripping Chrome Wheels?

    Does anyone in this forum have any suggestions on how to strip chrome wheels? I'm determined to paint a set of chrome wheels BLACK but want to make sure I remove the chrome completely. I'm in West Los Angeles, CA if anyone can refer me to someone that can do it for me. I heard that the wheels...
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    FJ60 Back-up light wiring diagram

    Done the research without any luck :confused:. Does anyone here have the diagram for the back-up light? I just had my H55 installed. I'm trying to help out my mechanic by finding the diagram for the back-up light. He's trying to figure out why it's not working. Any suggestions will be very...
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    Rear disk with e-brake set-up?

    Can someone please post pictures of how you set-up your e-brake for your FJ60? I'm curious how you got your e-brake to work. My mechanic custom made brackets and I find the e-brake hard to pull. I have the El Dorado Caliper. I would like to see pix of your rig with the conversion and how you...
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    License plate lights wiring diagram for FJ60

    I've searched around but unable to find any diagram/schematic for the FJ60 license place light. Does anyone here have any suggestions. My license plate lights are not working. My mechanic has tested the fuse box and everything seems to be fine. He wants to trace and test the wiring and...
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    87 FJ60 rebuild in LA?

    Anyone in the Los Angeles area (West Los Angeles to be precise, just South of UCLA) rebuild their FJ60 engine lately? Where did you go and how much did it run you? How long did it take? I'm thinking of having mine done sometime this year. Want to find out how much to save for it. Thanks.
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    To header or not an 87 FJ60

    Los Angeles, CA: To header or not an 87 FJ60 - pros and cons What do you guys think? To put headers or not? Wondering how many out there have them on their rigs. Specially in California.
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    1987 FJ60 Catalytic Converter sensor

    Ok. I had a new exhaust system replaced. The new Cat doesn't have the opening for the sensor. Attached picture is the sensor from the old cat. I called around and was told that the sensor is no longer available for certain models. That's why my new cat has no opening for the sensor. Anyone in...
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    American Racing - Teflon coated Mojave wheels

    I really like the look of the American Racing Teflon Coated wheels. Does anyone on this forum have any experience with these wheels? Will they fit 1987 FJ60's? I'm looking into the 16 x 8. What size tire should I use if I get these wheels?
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    1987 FJ60 Landcruiser

    Picked up a 1987 FJ60 a few weeks back. I decided to order from Specter's Off Road a disk brake to replace the factory rear drum brakes. Unfortunately, once the kit was installed my mechanic told me that the parking brake is rendered useless :frown:. Does anyone on this forum know where I...
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    1987 FJ60 Landcruiser

    Hello, I bought an 1987 FJ60 a few weeks ago. I spent $$$$ to get my new ride in top shape. My problem started when I replaced my rear drum to disk brakes. My mechanic told me that the handbreak is rendered useless after the conversion. Does anyone on this forum have experience with this...
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