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  1. finlayforprez

    For Sale  LC200/LX Rear Cargo Mat for NO Third Row Seats (Brand New) (SOLD)

    UPDATE: The mats are sold. Thanks so much! Hello Everyone, I just bought a Lexus cargo mat a couple weeks ago for the back of my 2018 LC200 after I removed the third row seats, but now have decided to put the third row seats back in and no longer need this mat. It's brand new and never used...
  2. finlayforprez

    A Few Quick New LC200 Owner Questions

    Hello Everyone, Greetings! I just picked up a new (left over) 2018 LC200 (black with terra interior) and have just a few quick questions. I searched the forums and found a lot of great information, but could not find answers to a few of my questions. My apologies if I missed it, but any input...
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