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  1. NelsWels

    craigslist HJ45 Troopy Chattanooga, Tn

    Nice. I'm about to post mine up somewhere also and drop the price by $10k (i've had it high on my own site coz i never really wanted to let her go). A Classic Car for Bitcoin? Yes, Cars for Cryptos. – Nelson Wells Where do you guys recommend I place an Ad? I also don't need Bitcoin. Cash is...
  2. NelsWels

    SOLD Modified Fleetwood Neon - California, USA

    wow. nice. still a great rig.
  3. NelsWels

    78 Troopy flip top overlander

    Love this and still wanna convert my HJ45 troopy to a pop-top but I'm in the states (the South) so nearly impossible to find a shop who can. I love the Alu-Cab but Takka may be the only one avail around here. ANyone know? Nelson - Athens, GA..
  4. NelsWels

    SOLD Modified Fleetwood Neon - California, USA

    What do you think it would cost to freight ship it to Georgia? Or have a car hauler put it on their truck this way?
  5. NelsWels

    HDJ81 (1HD-T) vs HJ61 (12HT)...trying to make an "intelligent" decision

    doubled I'm curious what you went with. :) I've been asking myself the same question for a year now.
  6. NelsWels

    SOLD Modified Fleetwood Neon - California, USA

    Nice rig. Cannot believe someone has not snagged at this fair price. I need to sell one or two of these first, but I think this is what I'll look for. Your customization is exactly what i like. with bike racks of course. GLWS!
  7. NelsWels

    Wanted Wanted HJ45/H47/BJ45

    Hola, Shawn. Been in Athens 30 yrs now. Doh! Which bars ? you know I went there... and I agree. thanks for reaching out. show me your troopy?
  8. NelsWels

    For Sale 1991 Land Cruiser 70 Prado 2.4 Turbo Diesel L.A. California USA
  9. NelsWels

    For Sale 1991 Land Cruiser 70 Prado 2.4 Turbo Diesel L.A. California USA

    No. I'm saying USAA quickly took care of insurance. period. My 1980 Troopy was 25 when we brought it into the US so there is no extra registration or smog qualification, or anual test of any kind. At least where I am. As long as it's 25 I hear CA is similar. But maybe the CA people want to...
  10. NelsWels

    Wanted Diesel LHD Land Cruiser

    Looking for long wheel base for a poptop (or with a pop-top). cheers
  11. NelsWels

    Looking for 60s, 80s, and 100s to customize.

    Thanks to you beautiful people, on this 10 year old post, I followed a link above (expeditionportal) and ended up here: Bless you all.
  12. NelsWels

    100 Series LC Pop Top???

    Calling, Eric. Eric at Campteq, are you here... ? poptop's needed for 100 / UZJ100 series . yes please.
  13. NelsWels

    HJ45 Brakes

    I realize this is an old thread, but I'm in a similar situation. Do you guys know where I can find these front brake cylinders for an HJ45 AND where to source / what kind of setup to source if switching to Disc? What's the easiest disc swap for my HJ? thanks.
  14. NelsWels

    For Sale Bend Troopy

    Great work, Alex. THIS is what I'm talking about. nelson-wells
  15. NelsWels

    For Sale Bend Troopy

    As my friends would say, FAS. (funny as s***t). can't believe he waited till the end to ask who it is. You got Raylyn with a "sigh", and people talking all kinds of smack - "how long, what's the inside diameter vs outside,... still interested in that pump", it's laugh riot. I'm just curious...
  16. NelsWels

    For Sale 1985 Trakka Troopy

    Hey, @60toyetero, do you still have your 92 poptop for sale or similar? Cheers, Nelson Wells
  17. NelsWels

    For Sale Bend Troopy

    Link / Ad deleted. Can you share where it went or how to email them/see it? as in... might there be others? thanks! I'd like to swap a HJ45 troopy for a poptop. cheers.
  18. NelsWels

    For Sale $5000 - 2000 white UZJ100 - High Mile Club - Atlanta

    Would love to hear about this and troopy. I have an HJ45 RHD to let go of but looking for a pop top as i mentioned. D me and let me know? thanks.
  19. NelsWels

    Wanted Diesel LHD Land Cruiser

    share the info? thanks!
  20. NelsWels

    Pop Top Troopy Camper

    Any chance, now 3 years later, you may look to let go of this rig? cheers, Nelson
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