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  1. veeLC

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Replaced radiator with KOYORAD, OEM hoses and clamps, fixed broken fan shroud w/rivets and metal strap
  2. veeLC

    Land Cruiser Shops?

    I go to either Jesse at Waipio Auto Home - Waipio Auto Repair or Robert at Top Quality Auto in Wahiawa Home | Top Quality Auto / Tire City of Hawaii. They're not LC specific but have been TLC owners in the past and they charge a fair price if, like me might want to wrench your LC but sometimes...
  3. veeLC

    Cruisers and Coffee?

    Not the same thing but my son picked up an ‘04 100 LC in Seattle shipped her back to HI and vacationed in the Seattle area for less than what they were asking for the LC here Crazy.
  4. veeLC

    Cruisers and Coffee?

    Hey Brandon, We may kinda have met around the Mililani Schofield Wahiawa areas. I have a dark green 80 with an ARB bumper that has just gotten a lift and a fresh set of KM3s. Anyway we’ll stay in touch and after this bs is over we can get a ride together with the rest of the group. Aloha!
  5. veeLC

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Finally got old Elsie a 3 inch OME heavy lift along with some 33 inch KM3s and caster correction plates from Metal Tech 4x4 and replaced the worn radius arm bushings with OEM.
  6. veeLC

    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    Converting my ARB indicator lamps to LED parking lights. Pics to follow.
  7. veeLC

    Bowfin Cruisers roof rack

    Tell her it's a spoiler to help decrease drag and increase mileage by about 27 mpg.
  8. veeLC

    Birf not swiveling after rebuild

    Reversed the caging, check Packed with Grease, check Check for swiveling, check Mahalo nui guys!
  9. veeLC

    Birf not swiveling after rebuild

    Thanks guys I’ll reverse it
  10. veeLC

    Birf not swiveling after rebuild

    In rebuilding my 80 series birfs, the DS knuckle would not swivel after inserting the axle. Is there a certain orientation to set the inner and outer cages that would fix this? Thanks
  11. veeLC

    Head Light Upgrade

    I am currently running the JD bulbs (brighter that stock and better than the goofy blue bulbs) in the OEM glass housings. Candlepower Shopping Homepage Peace.
  12. veeLC

    Cruisers and Coffee?

    Been off da Aina for the last 17 years. We are up the road in Mililani. Gotta do a bird rebuild and axle service soon though. Alohaz!
  13. veeLC

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Installed ARB bumper and ENGO SR12 on Elsie.
  14. veeLC

    Cruisers and Coffee?

    Aloha, I am moving back to O'ahu and "Elsie" should be there by late December-January timeframe. I got time, lets get something going. Derwin
  15. veeLC

    fj80 and lx450 ps pump rebuild

    gnob, after pressing in the shaft and bearing I noticed that it did not spin as freely as it did it outside of the housing is this normal or did something go wrong?
  16. veeLC

    New 80 Series Tailgate Storage option from Notch @ Back Bay Customs

    Looks nice I'll try and set my budget aside
  17. veeLC

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I know. Back before the Stebel, when some knucklehead cut me off, I would rather bite my lip than go "beep, beep" back then. Now, look out world!:beer:
  18. veeLC

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Installed this compact airhorn: Stebel 11690039 - Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Chrome: Automotive
  19. veeLC

    WIN a FREE WARN Zeon 8s

    Aloha nui for your "misteak"
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