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  1. cruisermatt

    1973 FJ40 SM465 Swap

    @NCFJ is in upstate SC and is a pro at engine swaps, did you ask him? or trollhole? He’s in Simpsonville and really good.
  2. cruisermatt

    Epic FJ43 TCase explosion. Good time to upgrade?

    i love all the random bolts and RTV holding the nosecone on. Classic
  3. cruisermatt

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    thanks man. They're 70 series JDM mirrors
  4. cruisermatt

    Builds FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build

    and then if you want more power later you can simply bolt parts on and have it
  5. cruisermatt

    T8rTotr - It totes the Tater

    Sick. Can’t wait to check it out
  6. cruisermatt

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Towed the old Expedition to the junkyard :(
  7. cruisermatt

    Builds FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build

    Honestly just run the H55f since you already have it. I just did one with the Marks kit. It’s a pretty nice setup. That truck had 3.70/33’s so just put some 35’s on to go with your 4.11’s and you’ll be good to go!
  8. cruisermatt

    Thoughts on Allison / Castrol TranSynd 668?

    Tractor fluid works good if you want to really tighten it up
  9. cruisermatt

    The Honey Badger (Story/Build of my FJ62)

    Having installed both on 60 swaps, skip those manifolds and get the Summit swap ones. Or the Hooker ones, they’re pretty much the same. They fit 100% better. That flare out makes a huge difference at the drivers side frame rail.
  10. cruisermatt

    Builds Cruisermatt's FJ62 Build-up

    You can have a lot of articulation without a lot of lift. It’s all about how it’s built
  11. cruisermatt

    Builds Cruisermatt's FJ62 Build-up

    Very necessary, umm what are bump stops? :lol: my front axle is 2.5” forwards from stock so your results may vary, before I reversed my spring eyes I didn’t really have any crazy rubbing with the 35’s (and 3.5” wheelbase stretch) so it’s definitely the 1.5” lower ride height that made the...
  12. cruisermatt

    SOLD 89 FJ62 Las Cruces

    Sounds like converter wasn’t installed properly. Trans is possibly junk now too.
  13. cruisermatt

    Camo's build thread - 2F to 2UZ

    Looking good. Im having flashbacks to doing all that work in 2018 Florida summer. Never again. :lol:
  14. cruisermatt

    Builds 1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories

    If you’re interested in a slight alternative to that, Florida Men are working on a new 2UZ/H42/55 adapter setup.
  15. cruisermatt

    Builds 1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories

    Price on 3B/H55f before failure?
  16. cruisermatt

    Builds Cruisermatt's FJ62 Build-up

    I decided to try something wild and saw these sweet 70 series JDM mirrors new on eBay Japan. So I drilled some holes in my fenders and went for it. Going for the full JDM look. They're a little tall but I think I like them. Next I want to source some clear turn signal housings. I also towed 7k...
  17. cruisermatt

    Modded FJ40 Questions for the Experts

    That looks like CRT012 (75-84) slave to me becuase of the longer pushrod, I could be wrong though, they're very similar looking to the older versions. Definitely a 40 slave cyl though. Agreed on changing up the mounting. As for the front axle that is definetly a Dana 44 outer setup on a Land...
  18. cruisermatt

    Bleed brakes. The final solution ?

    booster adjustment?
  19. cruisermatt

    Take Death Trap to the next level

    that sounds like some common core wacky math
  20. cruisermatt

    Take Death Trap to the next level

    I'm confused by your last statement. Dividing sprung weight weight by the amount of downtravel is not spring rate. Spring rate is a fixed value for a individual spring. SAE value for spring rate is lbs/inch so that is the amount of weight required to compress the spring 1". If you are wanting to...
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