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  1. rfjtoy

    Sept 23rd - Big Bear Run?

    Does anyone else feel sick?:frown: I do and I think it is going to hit me on Wednesday the 23rd of next month:grinpimp:. I was thinkin that some fresh mountain air mixed with trail dust would be the cure:bounce:. Does anyone else want to try this cure? Let me know! Big Bear sounds like it would...
  2. rfjtoy

    Just Back from Africa

    You can check out some of the pics:D in photobucket, Mafrica2009. Hope to get some serious sleep this weekend.
  3. rfjtoy

    Value ?? 1992 LC

    A buddy of mine has a 92 LC with 228k miles, family rig never off road, stock. What would be a good price? Toupe/Brown interior. Well cared for.
  4. rfjtoy

    Back to Africa - 2008

    Going back to Africa!!:bounce: This year I’m leading a serving trip in Malawi , July 12-26th. 20 people will be serving in our ADP (area development project) called Nkhoma. There are 43,000 people spread across 152 little villages within the ADP. This work is being done in “National...
  5. rfjtoy

    Lone Pine to Mammoth - Next year???

    I know it is real early but a friend of mine told me there is a trail that runs off 395 out of either Lone Pine or Bishop that gets into Mammoth:grinpimp:. Info needed, please? I would like to make it a three -four day trip? After the snow melts, Spring? Any interest?
  6. rfjtoy

    New Bling

    I got my Christmas present early.:grinpimp:
  7. rfjtoy

    Mill Creek Canyon Trails ??

    I am going to a Men's Retreat this weekend in Forest Falls (Mill Creek Canyon). HWY 38 and Valley of the falls Drive. Does anyone know trails in the area, or within a 30 min. drive?? Maps? details?
  8. rfjtoy

    My Latest Africa Project

    I wanted to share with ALL this event. Here is the moving video supporting the AIDS Experience - Y-Malawi Event for September 22-28 on the campus of Coast Hills Church, 5 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo, CA. The AIDS Experience Tent is a very moving interactive experience where you take the journey of a...
  9. rfjtoy

    Local Run Thursday 9/13 - Oc

    I I'm not in trial starting next Tuesday then I'll be open Thursday for a local day run, any interest?
  10. rfjtoy

    Africa- Rigs

    Just back from Malawi- Africa. Here is just one of the rigs. More to follow, including one that drove from Holland to Southern Malawi - on its way to Cape town South Africa, Oh yeh, It's also a Landcruiser.
  11. rfjtoy

    What a difference a year makes

    Photos of Brent's and my rigs one year later. Photos taken at the Kern River May/06 and May/07.
  12. rfjtoy

    LCA - BOLTS SNapped

    I had both of my LCA bolts snap at the bottom bolt yesterday. Does anyone have any Idea way? I have Sonoran Steel LCAs. They may have snapped some time earlier in the day and come free on the washboard roads. Wheeling in Sandstone Canyon and Lower Coyote Creek.
  13. rfjtoy

    Potluck planning - Anza May 12th

    Post up your food offerings for Saturday Night. Camping will be in Sheeps Canyon. I'll bring the Ice Cream, and BBQ Veggies and a few :beer:
  14. rfjtoy

    Going Back to Africa

    Some of you don't know that I do Mission work in Africa. I'll be leaving on another trip June 20th- July 9th. Mission Group= Our goal is to develop self sustaining economies in the poorest areas of Africa, starting in Malawi (mud hut africa). The model has been used before and...
  15. rfjtoy

    Anza -Sandstone Canyon May 12-13th

    Those who are interested, the plan is to explore to the end of Sandstone Canyon and hit other trails as time permits. I'll be leaving OC early Sat. AM the 5th. Wheeling the 5th, primative camping Sat night and wheel again Sunday the 6th, till early afternoon. Interest list: Brent Reid...
  16. rfjtoy

    Saddleback -Again

    Just need a few hours off-road;p . Several of us rabbits (FJCs) are going across Saddleback again tomorrow, 4/6 9:00am Silverado Center/Library. All are welcome.
  17. rfjtoy

    Saddleback - Thursday 3/29 1pm

    Going to hit saddleback tommorrow, can't let smitty have all the weekday fun, I plan on starting from Silverado canyon (library) at 1pm, hope some of you can make it.
  18. rfjtoy

    New ARB w/PIAA lights

    Here are pics of the rack up close. I know this is an 80's group:crybaby: , but you guy's are fun to wheel with:bounce: , so bare with me.:flipoff2:
  19. rfjtoy

    ARB Rack - PIAA lights

    Installed last monday.
  20. rfjtoy

    Saddleback - Feb. 1, thursday

    From Silverado to Ortega, mid day run, Interested?? Have the day off on the 1st and can't make this weekend, but need the feel of dirt.
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