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  1. SilverKast

    FJ62 Restomod

    The sanding part wasn't bad (just lots of work) but I found that any sort of bondo or filler work was like doing drywall and mudding at home - if it's not something you do you find out pretty fast that there's a bit of an art to it. Gave me a better appreciation for the guys that do this sort of...
  2. SilverKast

    Console Ideas

    I may try that, it would be nice to keep it unlocked and be able to use it without the key!
  3. SilverKast

    Console Ideas

    Yes well despite what you say about said large cylinder mine can only be depressed to open it when the key is in it and in the unlock position. However, you are then unable to remove the key to keep it in the unlock position and so must turn the key back to the lock position before you can...
  4. SilverKast

    Console Ideas

    I have the Tuffy center console in mine, it works really well and I love how it looks. The only thing I can't stand is the lock. Mine is always in the locked position so any time you want to open the console you have to use the key - which is annoying if I'm driving as the key is on my key ring...
  5. SilverKast

    Testing the Sniper in Record Cold

    We just finished a week or two of extended -35C (about -34F) temps and my cruiser won't start up. I had just put a brand new battery in last month, but I guess the extended cold without plugging in would make me not want to do anything either. I'm waiting for it to warm up before I get her going...
  6. SilverKast

    17" wheel back spacing

    I'm using the SCS F5 in a 17x9 which I think has a 3.5 bs, and I'm running a 295/70/17 with no issues. I do have a the OME HD lift to help with clearance though.
  7. SilverKast

    FJ62 Restomod

    I tried doing body and paint on my previous cruiser. Turns out a good shop is in business for a reason, and I found out fast I wasn’t very good at it lol. I decided since I didn’t have the time available that I’d bite the bullet and pay a good shop to do it for me. Turned out great in the end...
  8. SilverKast

    FJ62 Restomod

    So it's been a almost 2 years since I started with this cruiser, but I thought it's about time to get around to posting some pics - because we all love that! I've always been a landcruiser fan ever since my dad came home with a nice FJ40 when I was a little kid, and since then have grown up...
  9. SilverKast

    $54k fj60 sold!

    Yep it's pretty easy to spend a pile of money on these things. I know I've spent around $35k on the engine swap, new H55f, suspension, Speedhut gauges, BMW seats, and new interior. Add in new tires and rims, roof rack, front and rear bumpers and that's probably another $10k or so. And I have it...
  10. SilverKast

    Hey man Nice Truck, Wanna sell it?

    I've spent more on my FJ62 than what my 2020 Tacoma cost me. With the 5.3 conversion, H55F, suspension, interior and new paint it's been a total money sink - yet it's worth every penny! Most tire kickers seem to think if they offer me ten thousand bucks that I'll jump at it and are usually...
  11. SilverKast

    For Sale Not Mine 87 HJ60 Calgary Kijiji Caution

    Seems expensive to me isn't it? I'm even considering selling mine and I'd be happy with that sort of price - and mine's a 5.3L V8 conversion by Torfab along with all the other extras lol.
  12. SilverKast

    Best and Cheapest Rear bumper with tire swing-out

    Got mine from Trail Tailor a few years back, it's followed me to my second cruiser and it's great build and quality!
  13. SilverKast

    Speedhut gauge criticism

    I seem to have an issue with my Speedhut guages (maybe?). Everything works great except my fuel gauge - which is so inaccurate that I completely disregard it. It goes up to full when I fill up but then it never seems to go below 1/2 tank, it always seems to change too so it's totally unreliable...
  14. SilverKast

    Vortec transmission options

    Oh yes, and I hardly ever use 1st gear. Always start out of 2nd as it's much simpler.
  15. SilverKast

    Vortec transmission options

    I have a 5.3L vortec with the H55F and LOVE it! Only thing I sort of dislike is that it revs a little high in 5th gear on the highway. Usually around 2700rpms at 100km/h (60mph).
  16. SilverKast

    Back from torfab

    I can attest to this! I originally planned just the V8 conversion, but ended up adding the H55F, seats, interior, lift, and tires. Still having a blast with it - I'll have to post up a separate thread for people to take a look.
  17. SilverKast

    Seat Comfort

    I'll give another vote to Torfab brackets and BMW seats. I've done it in 2 of my 60's now and it's one of my favorite upgrades. The only downside I've found so far is that the leather seats get really hot and you end up sweating a lot in them if it's warm out.
  18. SilverKast

    Tuffy console mods

    The only thing I don't like about mine is that it's always locked. I keep my key on my key ring, so if the vehicle is running I can't open the thing unless I turn off the vehicle and unlock it. Even if I had it on a separate key ring it would still be annoying to use the key to unlock it if I'm...
  19. SilverKast

    Vortec conversion question and answer thread

    Torfab did mine earlier this year and I absolutely love my setup. It's an 88' FJ62 with the following: - 5.3L vortec conversion - H55F manual 5 speed tranny - OME 3" lift (heavy/heavy) running 33's. Still running stock gearing, no problem with this lift and the small block - Speedhut gauges -...
  20. SilverKast

    FJ62 restomod starting soon. What to do with surplus FJ62 drivetrain? Price?

    You're going to love that setup! Tor did my LS swap earlier this year and when I was in I got to drool all over his truck and some of the other projects they were working on. I almost went with the 2.8 myself, but either way they do great work there and are so nice to deal with.
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