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  1. Jerry G

    Flat tow FJ40 with lockout REAR hubs

    I intend to flat tow my 72 FJ40 (once finished) behind my motorhome. It will not be used for radical rock climbing or anything like that. It will be used as transportation around town, short highway trips and exploring the backcountry. It was recommended that I put a full float rear end in it...
  2. Jerry G

    replacement tub 1972 FJ40

    I am trying to find a reasonable priced FJ40 tub. I keep coming to the Columbian connection but have heard bad things about quality and service. Can anyone direct me to a company that provides a good tub?
  3. Jerry G

    1972 fJ40 conversions

    I have a 72 FJ40 that I am attempting to rebuild. It has a 1986 Chevy 350 that runs pretty well and the original 3 speed stick transmission and T case. I really need a 5 speed and have been reading about the various transmissions (NV4500, H55f and R151f) that can be used. I am leaning toward...
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