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  1. Chef Khoo

    Bangkok spare part

    Does anyone know of any spare parts, half cut, slaughter shops where I could find 40s parts in Bangkok? Greatly appreciated.
  2. Chef Khoo

    40’s in Thailand?

    Does anyone know if 40 series made it to Thailand? I could not find any source in google search, Facebook. Or if you know someone who drivers one in Thailand, please hook me up with the owner. I would love to chat with him/her.
  3. Chef Khoo

    Rim advise

    Hello I'm currently on 275/75/16R Thinking of going 285, anyone on 285s , which rim measurement are suitable for 285s?
  4. Chef Khoo

    Name of this 40s

    What's the official name of this version with special doors. Much Thanks
  5. Chef Khoo

    Need help, part number

    Hi guys, does anyone know the part number for this three rubber grommets? I have a diagram but not sure which is the correct one. Greatly appreciated
  6. Chef Khoo

    Oil change advice

    Hi there, how often do you change your 1. Engine oil 2. Transfer case oil 3. Gear box oil 4. Front axle oil 5. Rear axle oil ? mine is the black one
  7. Chef Khoo

    H41 & H42

    What is the difference between this two transmission?
  8. Chef Khoo

    Change username

    Alright, I’m tired of my username, is it possible to change username? Thank you.
  9. Chef Khoo

    BJ43 rear seat

    Have you ever bought one? How much did you bought them for?
  10. Chef Khoo

    Malaysia 4x4 challange

    good day all heres pictures of Tawau 4x4 amateur challenge on 14-16 Dec.
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