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  1. Jram100

    ‘07+ Tundra Brakes on ujz100?

    Is it possible to convert the front brakes? Drove my buddies tundra and the thing stops on a dime.
  2. Jram100

    Roof panel support rattle (from hell)

    Searched but everything is sunroof related, which isnt what im experiencing. So whats happening is basically the adhesive that gets sandwiched between the roosupports and the roof panel is well past needing re-application. I pulled the headliner last summer to dynamat the roof and tried to use...
  3. Jram100

    Why do YOU have a 100 series?

    I’ve owned my 100 for about a year and a half now, and I’m to the point where its time to decide if I want to continue pouring cash into upgrades for offroad/overland use. So far, I’ve accomplished the basics: the vehicle is baselined, lifted, and tires and wheels are sorted. Now mods get more...
  4. Jram100

    For Sale  Portland: KO2’s 80% tread

    lifted my 100 and went 295’s after about 15k miles on these 285/75r16 Local p/u only Asking $400
  5. Jram100

    Vibration/drone/wubwubwub @ ~60mph

    Searched for the last couple days on the forums while trying to self diagnose my 100’s loud drone at hwy speeds, havent found anything very helpful so here I am. -at 55-60mph I get a loud hum/drone which is not intermittent at those speeds. -very loud and annoying -shifting trans to N does not...
  6. Jram100

    For Sale  Portland- 1.5” hubcentric wheel spacers, set of 4

    Make the factory 16’s sit very nicely. I used them for maybe 5 months. Brand is Supreme Suspensions. 5x150 Will ship. $140 + shipping, or p/u in Portland, OR
  7. Jram100

    For Sale  Portland- 16” factory chrome wheels

    Figured I’d put these up before scrapping them. Set of 4 w caps. $150 p/u in Portland
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