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    1971 F engine valave adjustment

    is there any way to adjust the valve clearance COLD? my manual only give HOT running specifications of exhaust - .014 and intake - .008 - if there is away to adjust cold- what would the valve clearance be? if it has to be done HOT- can you tell me the best way to adjust them Thank You Rick
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    1971. FJ40 FST marker lightS

    I'm repainting my truck. I'm putting my front side lights on now. Does the fat end of the side light gasket face the front or rear of my truck? I checked out pictures and I see it both ways. I'm sure one way is correct. Thanks Does the wide side of the headlight bezel go on the top or...
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    Fj40 hard top question

    I have a 2/1971 FST FJ40. It has a hard top bolted on it. The hard top sides have the single side window. I notice there is a later model with the side window with vent windows. Will these side panels fit on my FJ40? I like the idea of rear vented windows. Thanks
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    Emergency flasher fuse

    On my early 1971 FJ40 the wiring diagram shows the emergency flasher has an inline fuse. I pulled the plug off the back of the switch and none of the pins have power. Can anyone give me a clue where to find this fuse. It's the last electrical component I need to get working. Thanks Rick.
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    What's this wire goto

    I have a 2/1971 FJ40 FST. I've been slowly getting this truck running. Right now it has s hard top on it. It's a FST when it was new. There is a wire on the driver side windshield. It goes up the side and over to the wiper motor. Half way up the windshield a wire splits off the wiper harness...
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    Paint name and code

    I'm going to start the body work on my 2/1971 FJ40. This us the original paint. Anyone know the color name and paint code? Thanks Rick
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    Windshield washer pisser

    I just found a stock tank and pump for my 1971 FJ40. Where can I find the spray heads that attach to the hood? I been looking for awhile. Thanks Rick
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    Steering wheel removal

    Am I missing something? I'm Trying to remove my steering wheel on a 71 fj40. Removed the nut and horn contacts. It won't budge. Is there a special tool? Thanks Rick
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    I just put in all new wheel cylinders, master cylinder and s refurbished brake booster on my 2-1971 FJ40 After bleeding the brakes the pedal needs one push and release to get the brakes working. If I hold the pedal down 1/2 inch then they work all the time. I didn't change the rubber brake...
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    FJ40 horn brush

    On my early 1971 truck I had the horns working correctly after I installed a new horn relay. Now they don't work. Somehow the wire that enters the steering column near the fire wall fell out. Now I have a grommet in the steering column and a wire that goes in it hanging outside. This wire goes...
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    1971 FJ40 carb adjustment

    I just installed a OEM rebuilt carb. It seems to work great. I'm having trouble understanding all the adjustments. Read the F-engine and Haynes books. Too many carb models in the same book. Anyway I figured there must be a carb expert out there who brain I can pick. I have located the idle...
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    What is this?

    This box is under my dash on my 1971 FJ 40. It's next to the signal flasher I googled the part number and it came up as a speed marker. I went to some web sites they state the speed marker is in the speedo cable. I'm lost with this thing and what it does. It's not on any wiring diagrams...
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    Vacuum switching valve

    Hi have 2/1971 FJ40 I have a vacuum switching valve. It connects to my carb choke, dizzy, and base of the carb The vacuum seems to come from the air filter assembly. I can't find any information of the switching valve of what controls or works. Where do the connected wires come from. Thanks Rick
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    Intake/exhaust manifold

    I have a 1971 FJ40. Where can I find a machine for new manifolds mated set? Mine are shot. Thanks Rick
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    Early 1971 FJ40 carb.

    Is the a site where I can find owners selling parts. I'm starting to restore my TLC and need an original carb. Thanks Rick
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    Power steering

    I have a 2/1971 FJ 40. It doesn't have power steering. Is this an option that can be added easily? Of so, where can I get it. Thanks Rick 1971 FJ40 1952 VW Split Bug 1997 Jaguar XK8
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    Canvas door seals

    I have a 71 FJ40 FST with canvas doors. I need door seals, and can't find any on the usual sites. Anyone know of a substitute door seal I can use. Thanks Rick 1971 FJ40 1952 VW Split Bug 1997 Jaguar XK8
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    Wanted  Heat riser assembly. for 1971 FJ40. F motor

    I Need the complete heat riser for my truck. Thanks Rick 1971 FJ40 1952 VW Split Bug 1997 Jaguar XK8
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    Heat riser

    I just found on my recently acquired 1971 FJ40 the heat riser cover and bimetal control are missing. Also the rod is missing. I don't know if it was removed or if it rotted away. If the rod rotted away, then what happened to the butterfly? My question is, has anyone run their truck without the...
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    Front hood vent

    I have a 71. FJ40. Between the front hood and the windshield is a air vent. This air vent has drain holes on it. It seems to drain into the car. Anyone know how this is supposed to be rigged up so the water drains outside. It's all new to me Thanks Rick 1971 FJ40 1952 VW Split Bug...
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