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    Lexus GX470 CV Axles

    hey there, yah i haven't had any issues with them... i'm on a 2.5" lift. but i haven't done any wheeling, and i haven't even done many miles since covid!
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    CarPlay Upgrade

    thanks torn! i thought that when i browsed their site, they don't actually have a vline solution for 2015 gx460's... am i wrong on that?
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    CarPlay Upgrade

    hey all... just want to revive this thread. has anyone had any luck with any of these options? my hope is to eventually get apple carplay to work on my wife's 2015 gx460....
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    Replace tensioner and pulley with serpentine belt?

    hi all... instead of starting a new thread, figured i'd piggy back on this one. can you guys check these pics of my serpentine belt and tensioner? i feel like the belt isn't aligned right... would you all recommend replacing? also, what parts would you go with? oem?
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    2003 gx470 recovery

    wow kudos to you... you're really getting after it! you seem pretty well versed in interior cleaning... what products do you use?
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    Oil change hacks?

    i need these valves... just changed oil in both my 470 and 460 this weekend. 470 was pretty smooth, but for some reason i got oil everywhere when draining the 460. needless to say, the family had a good laugh.
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    Fluids! Diffs, Transmission, & T-case...

    hey hey! what's your thought on tranny oil cost? the link i sent was for amsoil signature series... that's $60 per gallon. the valvoline equivalent is about half the cost.... any suggestions?
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    Lexus GX470 CV Axles

    Yes OEM is always option #1... That's said, I replaced mine with Cardone 665235HD from Rock Auto. My friend did the same... So far so good.
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    Opinions needed- GX470 as family carrying daily driver, too old?

    welcome nick! honestly, i think ebbs15 covered the bases well... but i'll give my perspective below. just for reference, my wife drives a 2015 GX460 (which we've owned since day 1, and have only put about 25K miles on), and i purchased a 2006 GX470 with 154k miles on it back in nov '18. my...
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    2011 Stock Suspension Options

    Hey all... So I have two GX's in my household, and my brother in-law just picked up a used 2011 GX basic with 160k miles on it. His Suspension is expectedly tired and fatigued... At this point, he's not looking for a lift, so he's thinking of just refreshing the shocks. The options are OEM or...
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    Fluids! Diffs, Transmission, & T-case...

    Hey all... looking to change out my fluids for my diffs, transmission, and transfer case. I was thinking of using the below Amsoil options, what do you all think? Also, how much of this stuff will I need??? Also, in regards to the differentials, I'm assuming there are three - front, rear, and...
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    Looks like I will be selling the 470.

    there's no way the 460 forum will be as good as us! they're all elitists (j/k!) sorry, i dont have a clue what to recommend for pricing... maybe just keep it? so basically, my wife drives a 460 and i drive a 470... my son will be driving in about 5 years, so my intention is to inherit my...
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    SSO Coil Conversion - Removing Spacers

    So no need for spring compressors?
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    SSO Coil Conversion - Removing Spacers

    Hi All! Sorry to start a new thread here... but hoping to get some thoughts on a specific topic. I have a Dobinsons 2" lift and SSO rear coil conversion. I have the normal driver side lean, but also have ALL spacers installed. I want to remove the two passenger side spacers, but don't know...
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    non-nav GX needs radio upgrade

    i'm assuming this would work for you... but i did a full nav to non-nav conversion and then installed an android auto headunit from china. coupled with a carplay dongle, i'm pretty happy with it. a little glitchy at times, but miles better than the old stock unit.
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    Full-Lock Grinding/Rumble... any ideas?

    it's crazy... i told him to just take a closer look to see if he can visually see much leaking, and if not just keep an eye on it.
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    Full-Lock Grinding/Rumble... any ideas?

    thanks for the input guys! so, the GX went in for inspection today... they didn't find anything wrong with the CV axles, but they also didn't have a diagnosis for the grinding. what they DID note is that the timing cover is leaking and it will take $2500 to fix it. now, i don't doubt that it...
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    Full-Lock Grinding/Rumble... any ideas?

    hey guys/gals... just visiting here from the 120-series forum! my brother in law just purchased a 2011 gx460 with 160K miles on it. great condition and clean/complete service records through lexus. however, we noticed that when turning full-lock (both left and right), there is a...
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    2004 Lexus GX470 — White

    where were you last year when i was looking for GX's!?!? ha, good luck with sale!
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    285/70/17 question/help

    similar to homers above... i can't speak to your exact setup, but here's what i'm running: - P285/70R17 falken wildpeak at3w (p-rated... not lt-rated) on stock wheels... these are roughly 33" tires per falken's website - dobinsons 2" lift - spc adjustable upper control arms - 1.5" spacers all...
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