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  1. Buddysuede

    LC 200 Production numbers broken down by color.

    Has anyone seen 200 series production numbers broken down by color combinations? I've seen yearly totals but I've never seen a color breakdown. I have an Amazon Green Metallic with grey interior and I'm simply wondering how rare the combo is.
  2. Buddysuede

    Amazon Green Metalic - super-rare 2008 up for sale

    With much regret and trepidation I am selling my stock 2008 Amazon Green Metallic/grey interior 200 as I've accepted an overseas position. It has 140K on the clock and is located in Atlanta. I would love for it to stay in the "MUD family". Beautiful truck/excellent condition.
  3. Buddysuede

    Oil maintenance light

    Ok, so my oil maintenance light on the dash came on at around 5000 miles on the oil when I set the maintenance interval to be 7500. Are these 2 separate systems? Is the oil maintenance truly controlled by something you set through Tech Stream and not through the Nav/Audio system?
  4. Buddysuede

    Gunk in the oil filler cap

    Has anyone seen this funk form inside their oil filler cap before? If so, what's causing it? I use Mobile 1 0W-20 synthetic and I've put 5500 miles on the truck since my last oil change. Any ideas?
  5. Buddysuede

    OEM mice?

    Upon performing some routine maintenance I discovered some mice have taken up residence in my engine compartment. They've already littered the engine cover with discarded acorn shells, and they've chewed the washer reservoir filler but I'm worried about them doing more significant damage. Any...
  6. Buddysuede

    Future of Toyota's infotainment system

    A little preview of what the 300 will not have. Toyota Chooses SmartDeviceLink Over CarPlay and Android Auto
  7. Buddysuede

    Who's responsible for this one?

    Ok, so looking back over some of the LC choices I passed over before buying mine, one of my favorites was this one and considering very few of us actually modify these things, I'm wondering who's responsible for this one. It had 2.5 radflow coil-overs, total chaos UCAs, and was rolling on 35s...
  8. Buddysuede

    Center display problem

    My center display has gone out. The car was off and I was simply detailing the dash. I restarted the car and the center console screen doesn't come on. The buttons on the left side of the screen don't work and the climate buttons below no longer work. Please, someone tell me during the detail I...
  9. Buddysuede

    Suspension settle over the years

    Pulled up next to a 2012 (the black 200) and noticed I'm a good 2 inches shorter. Bad photo but take my word for it. Is that time taking its toll on the suspension or a difference between the years?
  10. Buddysuede

    Floor mat options

    I've been looking for the OEM All weather "Land Cruiser" floor mats and can't find them which is odd since you can get the Lexus 570 ones. Is this really the accelerator issue? If someone knows how to source them let me know. In the meantime, I've been looking for alternatives. Of course the...
  11. Buddysuede

    Interior trim color

    Does anyone know the interior silver grayish pewter color that covers much of the plastic trim pieces in our LC 200's? I have a 2008. I was thinking of trying to airbrush some severe scratches and need the color. Anyone have any ideas of how tackle this? shot of the steering wheel portion I'm...
  12. Buddysuede

    Headlight washer broke

    I tested the headlight washers on my new to me 2008 and watched the sprayer cap shoot about 30' into the air followed by a stream of washer fluid. It looks the the previous owner or shady dealer broke them and tried to glue the bumper cap and sprayer back together. Does anyone have a schematic...
  13. Buddysuede

    Burial for my 80...birth of a 200!

    Hello mud, I posted this in the 200 section as well but thought the 80 guys might like the story as well. This story is a testament to the strength of these vehicles. I have a '94 80 that has carried me and my family everywhere. We've put 275K miles on her and she has never once left us...
  14. Buddysuede

    Burial for my 80..Birth of my 200!

    Hello mud, This story is a testament to the strength of these vehicles. I have a '94 80 that has carried me and my family everywhere. We've put 275K miles on her and she has never once left us stranded. Kudos to both the build quality of the platform and many many thanks to all of you and the...
  15. Buddysuede

    2003 LX470 with 37K original miles

    I'm a firm believer in Karma and felt impelled to pass this one along to my fellow mud members. This one is for that dude or princess out there that's been lurking on this forum maniacally planning every detail of their future build and searching high and low for the perfect starting platform...
  16. Buddysuede

    Love my new Duratracs

    New Goodyear Duratracs - 285 75 R16 - really liking these. First of all, on a stock 80, 285 is the perfect size - no problems, no rubbing. Got a great deal at 218 a tire and road hazard replacement thrown in for free from Discount tire. List was 254 a tire. Proves you really can talk em down...
  17. Buddysuede

    Koyo vs CSF - another rad thread

    After watching so much discussion about radiators, I thought I would add my recent experience going from a Koyo 1917 to a CSF 2715. First up Koyo. 7 years ago I had to replace the rad in my '94. Went on EBay and luckily chose the Koyo - this was prior to my exposure the excellent advice of this...
  18. Buddysuede

    Heater control valve - is this one bad?

    I can't seem to fully shut off the heat in my truck when the temp control is all the way to the cold side. So under the advice of fellow mudders, I've pulled the HCV to take a look. First shot is in the open position. Second is in the closed position. It doesn't look like it ever fully closes...
  19. Buddysuede

    Leaking coolant

    Just finished a front end rebuild (first 2 photos and third - all buttoned up) but I just noticed a small leak above the water pump (fourth photo). I've never seen one leak right there before. What's everyone's impressions?
  20. Buddysuede

    Supercharging 242K mile truck

    Okay, so I wrecked the front end of my '94 and decided I was going to fix her up. It was discussed in detail in this thread But after putting together the parts list, pricing things out and factoring in the mods...
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