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  1. Sharp38

    For Sale SW Colorado 1965 Moab Ready FJ 40

    Like to see this fine truck move from my garage to where it belongs, on some knarly trail $37,000.00
  2. Sharp38

    For Sale  SW Colorado 1965 Moab Ready FJ 40

    I built this cruiser for my personal use when I started and operated Wolf Creek Rod Works in Pagosa Springs. I sold the company some years back and it has since gone out of business. I used this Cruiser annually at Cruise Moab for fun and business. I just don't use it enough anymore to...
  3. Sharp38

    Drive shafts. u-joint/standard, CV, double cardan?

    Tom Woods Driveshafts has a ton of technical info. Check out their website and go the tech section Don
  4. Sharp38

    Odd Dealer Options

    Looking at the description in the patent application, it seems this option may have been intended to improve uphill/downhill performance relative to carburetor flooding. Certainly an interesting option Don
  5. Sharp38

    283 V8 + Chevy T5 = what to do?

    Don't ignore the option of putting the ranger OD from Advance Adapters between your bell housing and the stock 4 spd tranny. Moves your gear shift back to approximately the original location. You probably don't have to get any more adapters as you can order it for the LC 4spd (which you have...
  6. Sharp38

    K5 Blazer flat towing FJ40 to Colorado??

    Concur wholeheartedly Don
  7. Sharp38

    Seatbelt and rollbar bolts

    The US DOT mandated that seat belts in any US car or imported car had to be secured with 7/17 SAE thread bolts. It's the only US bolt you will find in a land cruiser..... Don
  8. Sharp38

    Overheating... SBC 350

    I believe you can cool just fine with electric fans. But, you do need good radiator. If you are overheating at highway speed, it 's not an indication that you have insufficient fan. You have 60mph air flowing over the radiator. It's indicative you have too small a radiator. Fan issues show...
  9. Sharp38

    FJ40 Tube fenders

    If you feel motivated to build your own, this is the tube framing we did inside a basically stock shape front fender. In this case, we widened the fender, but the concept would work just fine with a stock shape. We also had to relocate the frame tie back a bit to clear the coilover, but you...
  10. Sharp38

    FJ60 Power Steering in FJ40.

    What engine do you have in the 65? If original, how many grooves in the crankshaft pulley at the front? Don
  11. Sharp38

    Contura rockers???

    P.S. The SM420 is not syncronized in granny gear (7.05 to 1). You have to STOP to engage the gear. With the ranger OD, I can manipulate between two gear ratios in first gear (at the transmission) while moving, as the OD is fully syncronized... Don
  12. Sharp38

    Contura rockers???

    SB Chevy, driving a ranger OD, driving a SM 420, driving a early toyota 3spd transfer case. 4:56 gears/ARB front and rear/ 37 in tires. I am about 2,100 rpm at 65 mph... Don
  13. Sharp38

    Contura rockers???

    My 1965: Left to Right Winch (in/out), ARB ARB Compressor ARB Headlights (Off/Park/Normal) Drive Lights (Off/On with high beam/on all the time) Rock Lights Back up Light Left Radiator Fan (Auto, Off, On) (Lights up when fans come on) Right Radiator Fan (Auto, Off, On) (Lights up...
  14. Sharp38

    Reducing clutch throw....

    Remove the clutch pedal. Single bolt at the top. Remove the push rod pin. Drill a new hole just below the existing hole, the same diameter hole and the same distance in from the edge of the pedal assembly. Do not go too far, maybe 1/2 inch or less. Mount the push rod in the new lower hole...
  15. Sharp38

    Good Vibrations?

    Mr 40. Did you build this engine or have it built? Do you know it's history. I am assuming your 305 has a one piece rear main seal. If so, the flywheel, balancer are different than with the older type engines. Is it a possibility that someone mixed up some of those components? Is...
  16. Sharp38

    Good Vibrations?

    Assuming a standard transmission, being in neutral, you have eliminated everything from the output shaft of the transmission back. Does anything change when you push in the clutch? It may not actually being "going away" when you increase RPM, it may just be you can't feel it anymore due to the...
  17. Sharp38


    Well, the engine is probably worth about $4k as it sits, the disc brakes are worth $1k, the radiator is worth $0.5k, the suspension is worth $1k. You are more than halfway there with just the cost of the components, not counting the truck. Think of the labor cost of putting all that stuff on a...
  18. Sharp38

    454 economy in hj45

    You didn't indicate the transmission, but think about one of the torque splitter overdrives between the bell housing and the manual transmission (assuming that's what you are running). I have one between a sbc 350 and an SM 420 in my FJ40 and I cruise at 60 mph at 2,100 rpm. That's running...
  19. Sharp38

    Clutch won't engage... Newly rebuilt engine w/ new clutch

    You have to confirm that the clutch is releasing. It doesn't sound like it is. Put in gear, engine off. Step on clutch. Start engine. If it starts without movement, you are ok on the clutch and you have a transmission problem (input shaft and output shaft frozen together). If it doesn't...
  20. Sharp38

    350 TBI Engine Height

    Another issue to consider with V8 engine height is the exhaust system. With most FJ chassis, you don't have clearance on the transfer case side for an exhaust pipe. Therefore, most installs run the passenger side pipe under the engine and Y into the driver's side pipe to exit to the rear...
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