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  1. marcfj60

    Return of the small pickup?

    Perusing Car and Driver articles today I came across this: Then it recommended this article...
  2. marcfj60

    Control Arm Bushings

    Looking for some recommendations from the collective wisdom of the group. While changing the oil on my '05 4R, I noticed one of the bushings on a lower control arm is cracked and falling apart. That may explain the crunching noise I hear when the suspension flexes. Can you just replace...
  3. marcfj60

    Explore the Manzano Mtns - Nov 8th.

    *** Update: Let's meet at 10 at the Sedillo Hill Travel Center, right off the Sedillo exit from I-40. Stephen got information that the store opens at 10 so people can get some coffee or use the toilet if they need to before we head south. I'm thinking about leading a run to explore the...
  4. marcfj60

    No more Land Cruiser in the US?

    I hope this isn't true. I guess all of us that own Land Cruisers will be seeing their values rise. Will we still get the LX and GX?
  5. marcfj60

    Labor Day Disappointment

    I decided that I would check out NM-165, the road that goes from the Crest road to the north, around the Sandias and then connects with Placitas and eventually to I-25. I've never driven on it before and it's close to my house. Apparently, about a million other people decided it would be a good...
  6. marcfj60

    Glorieta Mesa?

    Has anyone ever done any exploring on the Glorieta Mesa. It's part of SFNF, south of I-25. I've been looking into alternatives for firewood collection since the Ojo de los Casos fire has closed the firewood collection area in the Mountainair Ranger District (north of Tajique). I think I can...
  7. marcfj60

    Firewood collection

    I started to hijack Jon's thread about his recent trip to the Jemez and thought maybe I should just start a new thread. In my new house I have a Quadrafire fireplace that provides supplemental heat to the main part of the house so that I don't spend a fortune on propane with the furnace. The...
  8. marcfj60

    Anybody know James Rowe in Espanola?

    I ordered a roof rack from Gamiviti in February. When I ordered it, I had planned to drive up to Denver to pick it up and have a long weekend up there with the family but travel restrictions for NM and where I work will not let me leave the state unless I want to have a 14-day quarantine and...
  9. marcfj60

    Mild wheeling day trip on Friday, 4/3?

    Our Japanese exchange student is heading home early due to schools being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. He leaves Sunday. I never got a chance to take him out wheeling. I was thinking about doing some sort of mild day trip this Friday and wondered if anyone else would be interested in...
  10. marcfj60

    Snow/MUD run on Monday or Tuesday?

    I'm taking vacation on Monday and Tuesday. Some friends from Tennessee are in town with their 100-series and I wanted to take them up into the Jemez. Anybody else off work and interested in joining us on Monday or Tuesday?
  11. marcfj60

    Repair or replace rear differential in '02 4Runner?

    I finally got around to trying to diagnose the howling noise in that '02 4Runner a picked up several months ago. I need to get it fixed and running so that Colin has something to drive to CNM/UNM once we move to the new house in Sandia Park in January. The PO towed a trailer that was way too...
  12. marcfj60

    WTB FJ Cruiser running boards

    A friend of a friend just bought an '08 FJ Cruiser and wants to add running boards to make it easier to get in the vehicle. I know there are a few FJC owners around here that might have a spare factory set laying in the dirt behind their shed that they may be willing to get rid of. The friend...
  13. marcfj60

    Almost bought an LS460L yesterday

    So I stopped by AmToy yesterday to get some parts for my old vehicles. I saw off in the distance an '07 LS460L for sale with $16,999 in the window. On a lark I suggested to Danise that we drive it just to check it out. BIG mistake. Now she wants to sell the '08 ES350 and get the LS. This is...
  14. marcfj60

    Who else is going ot Hundreds in the Hills?

    The organizers just posted some stats. It looks like there will be 6 participants from NM going this year. Is it @Ramathorn15 and a bunch of your friends?
  15. marcfj60

    Rear Diff for an '02 4Runner?

    It seems like I've seen a few people with 3rd gen 4Runners talking about putting in a new differential. I have an acquaintance who has an '02 SR5 V6 with about 180K miles on it. She has had AmToy and an independent shop tell her that the rear differential needs to be replaced. She's trying to...
  16. marcfj60

    Replaced the hydroboost motor, pump and accumulator (in my 4th gen 4R)

    I realize this is the 100-series forum, not a 4Runner forum. But, I also own a '99 LC which is equipped with the hydroboost brakes and I have read some threads here talking about the complications that go along with system failures and repairs. I'd like to share my experience with my '05...
  17. marcfj60

    Bought an '05 4R for Danise and the kids

    With both kids now having driver's licenses the 100 has been getting more use. I decided I wanted Danise and the kids to drive something a little more expendable. I tried to convince Danise to get something practical with AWD like a RAV4 or RX350 but she really likes driving a real SUV. Plus...
  18. marcfj60

    Prospective new owner

    I currently own an FJ40 basketcase and a '99 100-series garage queen. I'm considering getting a GX470 for the wife and teens to drive. I don't expect to build it out with anything more than some decent mud/snow rated tires. The Hundy is the off-roader. We are building a house and moving into...
  19. marcfj60

    Smoke and closures from Venado fire?

    Has anyone been to the Jemez in the past couple of days? How is the smoke from the Venado fire? Some coworkers and I were thinking about camping off 376, just south of 126. What I can find says the road is accessible from the north end, that it's just closed from Gilman to Porter Bridge. But...
  20. marcfj60

    Proposed San Juan Wilderness Expansion

    Did a search. Couldn't find any discussion on this topic outside of the Hundreds In The Hills 8 thread. I heard about some new legislation that is proposing to expand the wilderness areas in SW CO in the San Juans. You guys are close enough to care about it. Plus, at leas you live in CO...
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