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  1. Allingerb

    Pcv sucking oil.

    1965 fj40 with I believe a 1.5f head. Webber conversation. Plugs foul with oil. Found oil is being sucked into PVC and then into intake. Has alot of vacuum happening. PVC valve is a newer one I found online. It had this terrible fitting attached to intake, one that comes in the conversation kit...
  2. Allingerb

    Leaf spring bushings 1965

    I've been searching sor for my leaf spring bushings. Seems there are several types. Can anyone suggest the correct one for a 1965 fj40 front and rear.please?
  3. Allingerb

    1965 fj40 front axle rebuild

    I was hoping to get a Marlin crawler rebuild kit for my front axle but looks like they only go back to 1979. Does anyone else know of another option or know if this kit for a 1979 will still work on my 1965? Ty for the info
  4. Allingerb

    Trade  Steering wheel swap?

    Looking to get an early steering wheel in decent shape and the horn parts for my 1965 fj45. I have a newer model wheel if anyone is in need of one perhaps we can trade? Wheel has no cracks and some slight scratches on horn button.
  5. Allingerb

    1965 rear transfercase output seal

    Anyone have a part number for the transfercase rear seal? 1965 fj40
  6. Allingerb

    1965 fj40 parking brake

    My book is telling me 160ft lbs for the rear output shaft nut, seems like lot for this nut. The nut also holds the parking brake mechanism on as well, just to help visualize. Does 160 ft lbs seems correct? Thank you
  7. Allingerb

    1965 fj40 sun visor

    I purchased some older style sun visors that work around the upper wiper motor but just removed the funky visor attachment bar and there are not any mounting holes for the style I'm used to. Are these funky ones correct for the older fj40? It's a bar and a tinted plastic visor attaches to it.
  8. Allingerb

    1964 fj45 doors

    Which style doors would the 1964 fj45LP LWB have. Short top style like the 63 fj40, 66-70s taller flange style, or some unknown?
  9. Allingerb

    For Sale  Hood hinge or pin

    I'm not sure if a pin will be good enough to fix these hinges. I'm willing to use a pin to try first. I can't seem to find anything for this type of hinge.
  10. Allingerb

    For Sale  Looking for older glove box door. Chico CA.

    This newer style glove box door has got to go, doe anyone have a gooseneck style hinged glove box door laying around and Willing to sell it to me please.pic is of currently wrong style door.
  11. Allingerb

    Wanted  Goose neck glovebox door Chico CA. Usa

    Po put a newer box door and I can't stand it any longer. Would anyone be willing to sell me the older style so I may get rid of this one please.
  12. Allingerb

    Door is missing the top?

    I was going to install some weather stripping when I noticed this door does not have a top like my other early fj doors. It looks original with clean factory edges/bends. What is this please?
  13. Allingerb

    My first 40

    I'm normally in the 45 section but just picked this beast up and thought I would post it up. Guy I got it from seemed to not know a lick or care to do anything correct so I've already fix tons. So far I'm liking it more and more, the more I fix what was screwed up. 1965 Vin, 66 brass tag. 62-64...
  14. Allingerb

    New truck

    Soooo as an fj45 owner, I've always posted here in the 45 section, for the most part. Now that I have an fj40, do I share with my 45 group here or do I keep it all in the 40 section?
  15. Allingerb

    Wanted  Iso two Top to windshield bolts

    Are boots pictured correct? My fj45 needs two of these if anyone can spare a set please. Brandon
  16. Allingerb

    Is this an fj40 part?

  17. Allingerb

    Wanted  Insulator block needed please

    Iso insulator block with vacuum port that goes between intake manifold and carb for my 1965 with 1f motor. Please
  18. Allingerb

    eBay battles. Lol

    Ok, who just won the tailgate chains on eBay for $256? Dang.
  19. Allingerb

    Early seat belts

    I have some anchors behind my seats that look like such. I assume they for seat belts? Does anyone have pics of what these belts look like?
  20. Allingerb

    Front bumper question

    Just wanted to double check with the group. Going to buy a new bumper, is there any reason a 1970 bumper wouldn't work for my 1965? Thank you.
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