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  1. Tbone81

    Wanted  Wanted 100 Series in North Alabama/Central TN

    Looking for clean 100 series in north Alabama or central Tennessee. PM me if you have one for sale. Only interested in trucks without rust issues and no history of major accident damage.
  2. Tbone81

    Wanted  Huntsville, AL 2008-2014 land cruiser

    Looking for a low mileage land cruiser with service /maintenance history and no rust to be used as a daily driver.
  3. Tbone81

    Wanted  1fzfe

    looking for an engine for 97 lx450. Would prefer low mileage but not opposed to a high mileage with good compression for the right price. Thinking of building a replacement for mine and maybe adding a turbo. Don't want to pull mine until I have a replacement ready. Thanks
  4. Tbone81

    Timing chain cover oil leak - what else do I do when I fix this leak?

    I know this will resolve my concern of doing the head gasket but what else should I address while I have this area open. And yes i have done the distributor o ring and oil pump cover gasket. I hate leaks. But this one will have to just leak until I save up some money. Not sure I can get this...
  5. Tbone81

    Wanted  FZJ80 95-97 Jackson MS

    Looking for a stock 80 with less than 200k miles in Jackson MS. Lockers are not necessary just well maintained and everything working. I am shopping for my dad who loves my LX. It will be a daily driver so maintenance and reliability are necessary.
  6. Tbone81

    Huntsville Area FZJ80 mechanic

    does anyone have a mechanic they recommend in the Decatur/Huntsville area? I have a leak around my oil pump that is getting worse. Not sure I want to break into that repair. May have rear arch or main seal leak attacked at the same time.
  7. Tbone81

    Oil leak near oil pump please help on what parts are needed

    ther looks to be a leak between the power steering pump and oil pump can someone tell me what parts I need to fix this? I have new seal and screws for oil pump cover and new pressure relief valve components. But it looks like the leak is behind that area. I cleaned the area and drove the truck...
  8. Tbone81

    Seat extension install issue please help

    I cannot get the rails off. Is there a trick not in the instructions? I am trying to follow the instructions on wits end website. I have the front feet off and the bolt on the back of the rails but the rollers seem to be hanging up and will not let the lower rail come off the seat. Please...
  9. Tbone81

    Wanted  Battery box 91 or 92 fj80

    Looking for battery box and hardware for passenger side
  10. Tbone81

    For Sale  Tan trim pieces lx450 fzj80

    I have a few extra trim pieces in tan from my purchase in February. Felt pillar covers, window trim pieces, rear hatch seal, and rear carpet(has some stains. I have extra carpet backing that I can provide for the carpet. I am moving in a month and need to get them out of garage. If someone...
  11. Tbone81

    Wanted  LX450 Rear Swing Out Bumper and Sliders

    Before I buy new or build a rear swing out bumper and sliders for a LX450 I figured I would give it a try on the wanted market. Please PM me if you have something for sale. I would rather find something local but I am willing to pay for shipping for the right items. Thanks in advance.
  12. Tbone81

    Rear Bumper and Slider Build

    I am looking to have sliders and rear bumper built locally since my budget does not allow for a purchase from vendor along with the shipping costs. I am no fabricator nor do I have access to the tools to complete a build. I would be willing to put my engineering skills to work but would like...
  13. Tbone81

    New member with first 80 series

    I wanted to introduce myself. I have purchased my first land cruiser or lx450. It is triple locked version and was a restoration that was not completed by a member on ih8mud. I have wanted one for a long time when I found this truck. I had looked at many that needed too much work. The...
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