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  1. fyresq

    For Sale  1967 FJ45 Pickup Body in Minden, Nevada

    1967 FJ45 cab and parts rescued while being turned into a rockcrawler. Heavy mods to the frame and bed was shortened and narrowed (can be fixed) and front fenders cut. Thankfully the nearly rust free NV desert cab was left untouched. Because there’s not a lot of frame left I think it would be...
  2. fyresq

    Gm alternator question - what did you do?

    I'm finishing hooking up my TBI and am wiring my alternator. I have a couple questions. I'll start by saying its a three wire alt with batt, red wire, and brown wire. I've deduced that on the stock wiring harness White with blue stripe goes to the batt on alt and the red (terminal 2) gets jumped...
  3. fyresq

    78+ hard top sides with pop outs

    I have a set of 78+ hard top sides with the pop out vent windows, surface rust only overall good shape. Even the rubber is in pretty good shape. $350 obo Located in N. NV 30 min from Lake Tahoe
  4. fyresq

    63,64 soft top full canvas doors

    63,64ish full canvas doors that are pretty hard to find. Doors are in decent shape with all the parts there, they do need restoration. located in N. NV 30 min from Lake Tahoe $300 obo for the set
  5. fyresq

    For Sale  N. Nv 1966 fj40

    I have a 1966 FJ40 project (basket case) that I had big plans for but it is just sitting. I posted it in the parts section because it's a big project. I was going to cut it down and make a FJ45 hybrid out of it but I have too many projects, including another landcruiser. I would like to sell it...
  6. fyresq

    Wanted  Frame with clear VIN and title

    I'm looking for a frame with clear VIN and title on the West Coast. Let me know what you have
  7. fyresq

    Drivers rear patch panel

    For the heck of it - Help me save an FJ55 from a part out - seeing if anyone out there has has the ability to cut me out a drivers rear patch panel for a FJ55. I would take most of the corner from the rear side window down above the reflector (most rust problem are below this point) over to the...
  8. fyresq

    1976 FJ55 All or parts

    So being the cruiser guy I am.....I came across an FJ55 the other day and picked it up. I actually walked away knowing it was too much work for me but my wife talked me into getting rather than see it sit so I'm offering it up to fellow cruiserheads as whole or parts. Would rather sell it...
  9. fyresq

    TBI wiring

    I purchased the Howell TBI wiring harness for the cruiser and think I have it mostly wired up......except the main ignition. The howell harness only requires one wire to be hooked up (with it's own fuses) to a key start ign source but the power cannot cut out when starting. After...
  10. fyresq

    TBI sbc heater hoses

    I'm trying to figure out how to run the heater hoses off my newly installed sbc TBI because I beleive it is different than an older carbed sbc. I've searched but can only find the older style conversions. There is a heater/coolant hose coming off the rear passenger side manifold which I believe...
  11. fyresq

    throttle linkage for TBI

    Not super hardcore but figured more guys over here have done swaps. Plus the cruiser is medium core :) with tons, 700r4 and on 40's I threw a SBC TBI 350 in the 40 and need ideas (pictures would help most) on throttle linkages. I read that Downey had one but they are out of biz and I read a...
  12. fyresq

    Wiring Diagram? need help locating coil and ign wire

    I am finishing up installing a tbi 350 in my 40 but can't find the coil wire and am unsure about the starter/ign wires. IIRC the coil wire is with the two starter wires that are yellow and black? The PO was definately not a electrician and I have found many wires spliced into the original...
  13. fyresq

    Hard top with tailgate?

    I have a 71 cruiser with the half doors in the rear and flip up hatch on the hard top. My rear doors aren't great and was thinkin of getting a flip down style tailgate that came on 45's and FST 40's. (cause it makes a great bench and campside seat) Anybody out there able to use the tailgate...
  14. fyresq

    For those of you who have a long drivetrain...

    What did you do after you had to cut out the middle crossmember?
  15. fyresq

    Body Armor

    Does anybody make 1/4" steel full sides and corners for 40's? I'm talking about the sides/corners that you can get for heeps by places like Genright and Poison Spyder Customs (used to). It seems like someone would make a killing producing these cause it seems like every cruiser out there has...
  16. fyresq

    700r4 torque converter???

    I have spent the last few hours reading and researching torque converters for my 700r4 (behind 5.7 TBI) and have about had it. From what I have read I want a 1 ton HD converter. It sounded easy....So where do I get one? I have tried the local Summit, Napa, Autozone, and Kragen. None of them...
  17. fyresq

    Wanted  Drop down tailgate fj40/45swb

    I'm looking for a dropdown tailgate for my 40. I understand they came off of soft top 40's and swb 45's. hinges and latches would be a plus.....
  18. fyresq

    spring pad width

    Putting 1 tons on the FJ40 and for the life of me I can't find what the measurement is for the rear spring pads......I gt the front, just cant find the rear :frown:
  19. fyresq

    FREE 1f motor

    I pulled the running 1f outta my 71 cruiser and now it's sitting on my garage floor. It's all there except the carb. PO stated he had the top end rebuilt 20K ago but can't confirm it, Just want it gone......
  20. fyresq

    Two landcruiser TC's for sale

    I have two 3-speed t-cases that I don't need. Here is a picture of the better of the two $50 for both, prefer not to ship.....
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