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  1. ace7141

    Ace Overland T-Shirts

    Starting a new (final) thread, that will serve as a hub for all our new releases and restock updates. Be sure to subscribe, and stay up to date on the latest gear drops! Give us a follow on social media if you're not already. New stuff coming down the pipeline regularly. Use code IH8MUD for 10%...
  2. ace7141

    Ace Overland Holiday Collection

    I have designed up some shirts specifically for the holidays! They are available now, and if you use the promo code STAYFROSTY at checkout, you will save 10% off your order!
  3. ace7141

    Ace Overland Restock

    Just restocked a bunch of LC apparel, if you're interested! Head on over to the site and get some comfy new swag. Adds +5 HP. Thanks for the support! Sam
  4. ace7141

    Uncharted FJ40 - Ace Overland

    Hey guys! I have a new piece of artwork up on my site, grab you a shirt while you can! These are hand drawn and printed by myself. If you liked my Arakawa Auto Body shirt, you'll definitely dig this one! Sam
  5. ace7141

    Ignition Coil Question

    I need your help! I am a illiterate when it comes to electrical diagnosis. I am learning.. slowly. Can anyone confirm this is the correct resistance? FSM says .5 - .7 I want to make sure I am using my multimeter correctly. My truck has been stalling, bucking, and dying after about 15 - 20...
  6. ace7141

    FJ60 Beach Vibes

    Hey guys! Got a new shirt I designed up for sale on my site. I hope those of you that got an Arakawa shirt enjoy it! (Link here for those of you that didn't! Arakawa Auto Body) This tee is made from same material (60/40 poly cotton blend), and has a neat summer theme to it. Grab one on my...
  7. ace7141

    How to tell if you have “burped” coolant enough?

    I replaced my coolant temp sensor just for PM, and I notice when I cut my truck off, my temp gauge spikes. When it is running, everything seems fine, doesn’t overheat, and runs well at a normal operating temp from what I can tell. Only when it’s cut off and parked, with key in ignition, does...
  8. ace7141

    Manifold Advice

    Ok wise ones - I got my manifold off, replacing gaskets and finishing the desmog. What can of worms would I be opening if I split these two manifolds? I understand that if I do so, I would probably need to get resurfaced. Also any advice on best course of action to safely clean the outside of...
  9. ace7141

    ARAKAWA Auto Body Logo Tees

    I was unhappy with the other options out there, so I redesigned this myself and aged it to perfection. Available on my website, I am shipping a batch Monday, March 11th. Super soft, poly/cotton t-shirt. These are slightly fitted, and side seamed. If you like your shirt loose fitting, I would...
  10. ace7141

    EGR Desmog Question

    I have a few terrible exhaust leaks I am trying to track down and eliminate. I am planning to remove my manifolds, have them resurfaced and replace gaskets. The PO did desmog the truck, but from what I can tell it was not done well or all the way. My question is, while I am working in this...
  11. ace7141

    Is it worth it...?

    I found a 1988 fj62 for a fair price. It is a beater for sure. I have been inspecting it, trying to decide if it is worth the time and effort to get it on the road. I found some questionable frame areas, and wanted to get an opinion. Should I just sell for parts? How bad is this, really?
  12. ace7141

    Accelerator Pump Question?

    Hello! Proud owner of an 84 fj60. Previous owner replace stock carb with Manafre Weber carb, with electric choke. My question is three part: Is this the Accelerator Pump? If not, can you council me on what that part is? Secondly, is there any reason for this to be warm to the touch? Warm...
  13. ace7141

    Rear License Plate Light housing assembly question?!

    Hey community! You guys have been a wealth of knowledge so far while wrenching on my cruiser. But I’m stumped - any idea how I can remove this trim piece? I have been at it for an hour. What am I missing??
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