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  1. mrjay2u

    Wanted  4x4labs steering arms

    I am looking for a set of 4x4labs frombe steering arms for the six shooter knuckles. Please include pics. Thank you.
  2. mrjay2u

    Mystery eBay Dana 60

    I'm looking for part numbers for the axle bearings, seals, etc. The seller on ebay isn't responding to questions, so it's unknown if he sells this. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. mrjay2u

    Anyone use this dana 60 on their 40

    I need a centered axle due to a v8 swsp and was wondering if anyone has used this axle for sale on ebay. Not looking to bash on any sellers.
  4. mrjay2u

    Wanted  Centered rear 40 axle

    I looking for a centered rear axle for my fj40. I'm knee deep into a v8/th350/np205 swap and need a centered rear axle. Open to a narrowed Dana 60 also. Thanks, Mrjay
  5. mrjay2u

    Wanted  TH350 toNp205 Adapter

    I am in need of an adapter for a th350 to a Np205 for my fj40. Racetrack style....The one I have has is broken by the mounting feet. Thank You :beer:
  6. mrjay2u

    For Sale  Fj60 Intermediate Shaft (WA)

    Was going to use for my fj60 power steering swap on the fj40, but didnt end up using it. Tight u joint and the slip portion is smooth and tight. $50 shipped to lower 48.
  7. mrjay2u

    Wanted  Flat pitman Arm, etc.

    I'm looking for a flat pitman arm for a fj60 steering box. Also NP205 output yokes, 32 spline, and maybe a th350 to Np205 adapter.
  8. mrjay2u

    For Sale  New Blistering- 12" travel (WA)

    I have two 5125's....Never installed. I mis measured and got the wrong length. $150 shipped to the lower 48. Sent from Jay on a HTC Vivid using IH8MUD
  9. mrjay2u

    Wanted  Bilstein shocks

    I'm looking for a pair of 5100 or 5150's with about 12" of travel. Sent from Jay on a HTC Vivid using IH8MUD
  10. mrjay2u

    Wanted  Set of soft top doors

    I'm looking for a set of soft top doors. Not the half doors. Thanks for reading and let me know whats out there. Sent from Jay on a HTC Vivid using IH8MUD
  11. mrjay2u

    Fj60 power steering in a Fj40

    I'm just starting this conversation and would like some advice on the steering box placement, mounting options, what I should or shouldn'tdo, etc. Also pics of your set up would be helpful. Thanks
  12. mrjay2u

    Shock length

    What shock length (extended,collapsed,travel) do you use when installing the Ford shock towers, the 40 is lifted 4" and is spring under.
  13. mrjay2u

    Wanted  Fj60 Power Steering Box

    I'm wanting to do a conversion from mini truck p/s to fj60, and need to find a steering gear that's in usable condition without leaks preferred. Thanks
  14. mrjay2u

    Transfercase Conversion on 67 Fj40 "Q?"

    What parts do I need to convert my '67 fj40 transfer case from the vaccume shift? It's a 3 speedw/ the floor shift conversion. My cable to the position selector broke and now I'm stuck in 2wd. Thanks
  15. mrjay2u

    Fj40 Cover

    Does anyone know of someone that makes a cover to put on while hauling my cruiser on a trailer to keep the inside from the elements? Got any pics of what you use?
  16. mrjay2u

    83 toy P/U Trans issue

    My dads 83 toy truck will drive great, then after it's parked awhile it will not move, as if stuck in two gears. We pull the transmission and get everything aligned back to the neutral position by removing the shifter, it will drive fine. WTF???? Where do I look to fix this????? Any ideas ??
  17. mrjay2u

    What is the better Bikini Top.....

    I am looking to get a bikini top for my fj40. I have found treated canvas ones (like @ and the Best top version. Is one better than the other as in life span and overall fit. I have never seen one of the canvas ones and have only seen the best tops on jeeps. Any advice will help...
  18. mrjay2u

    FJ40 Glass

    Does anyone want the glass from my '67 doors? You pay shipping and the boxing fees from UPS, and they are yours. No cracks, and includes the wing windows with latches. I hate to throw these away if someone can use them. Price : Free Shipping to be determined by UPS store, and will add what...
  19. mrjay2u

    '67 wiring help needed ---> Ext. Reg and 12si Alt

    I have a 67 fj40 w/orig F motor, and am only getting 11.6 volts at the battery, and my gauge(aftermarket gauge), and it's not keeping my yellow top optima charged. If I am going to be buying an alt or regulator I may as well look into this GM alternator further. I 've done the FAQ and search...
  20. mrjay2u


    Does anyone have the Budbuilt rear quarter panels? How did you install them, meaning directly over old sheet metal or ??? Post a pic. BudBuilt - Land Cruiser Parts
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