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  1. Hokierig

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    This is more direct than mine. I still get the #1 driver of the day award from angry motorists even with the disclaimer :flipoff2:
  2. Hokierig

    New to the South Bay

    Will do! I’ve only been there once, but looks to be a good testing ground for the baselined truck Would love to make it! I discovered a faulty wheel cylinder yesterday so I’m waiting on parts before any long drives though. I’ll keep an eye on the March meeting or any subsequent runs with the...
  3. Hokierig

    New to the South Bay

    Oh very cool! El Porto is my home break so I spend most of my time there. I just fabbed up a quick rack for the Stella (Vespa P series copy from 2007) so I can go up and down the coast to surf. I’m definitely interested in doing more wheeling this year. I’m signed up for Solid Axle Summit this...
  4. Hokierig

    Builds 'Brightening' a Fj60

    Just made it through most of your thread back to front and wow this truck has been a labor of love. I just had my second wheel cylinder blow in the rear of my 62 so I’m gonna treat myself to OEM lines at the top of this page and wheel cylinders. Color me inspired. Excited to check the truck out...
  5. Hokierig

    New to the South Bay

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself as I’m new to the area - Manhattan Beach to be precise. I drive an ‘88 FJ62 that I’ve had since 2016. It’s my first cruiser and it’s been a great truck to me. I came from NC where I was somewhat active in the Old North State Cruiser group while in...
  6. Hokierig

    Hokierig's FJ62

    Also - if anyone has a recommendation about securing the rear quarter land cruiser badges, I'm all ears. I've got two extra sets, but the right one keeps falling out as you can see in the photos above.
  7. Hokierig

    Hokierig's FJ62

    The next update after being out in CA for a bit was to source a roof rack to support my new Roof Top Tent. My wife surprised me with a RTT for our anniversary and I was able to find a front runner rack with the quick release mounts. I like the front runner system quite a bit. The modularity...
  8. Hokierig

    Virginia to California, any tips/tricks to a great road trip.

    Hey @Comet My route was Wilmington, NC to LA. I did the drive in 5 days total over two weekends due to work restraints. I have done the drive a few times, so I cannonballed to Oklahoma City via I-40. That side of the country is a bit boring so I wanted to maximize our time in the west. From...
  9. Hokierig

    Hokierig's FJ62

    Agreed. I felt good removing the old centerline wheels until I felt how light they were :bang:
  10. Hokierig

    Hokierig's FJ62

    Again, it’s been a long while since an update. I’ve signed up for SAS #5, a trip I’ve wanted to do for years, and it’s great inspiration to keep documenting the truck ownership. The truck sat in storage for a year and a half between 2017-2019 while I lived in DC. I didn’t need it and I wanted...
  11. Hokierig

    SAS Solid Axle Summit #5 Official Thread

    Just registered and paid - also a first timer here. Glad to be in attendance now that I’m west coast based. Going to be running in my 88 FJ62 with my brother @Hokie LX co-driving.
  12. Hokierig

    SOLD  Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex

    Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex Mud Price: $1300 This RTT was originally $2,150 and is in fantastic condition. Used for less than 5 nights. I was recently gifted a hard shell tent so this one has to go. This style of tent can be mounted on your vehicles crossbars or compatible roof rack. This...
  13. Hokierig

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Many thanks, I really love the two tone 62’s.
  14. Hokierig

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Took the truck on a 700 mile round trip up to Big Sur to try out the new roof top tent setup. Worked like a charm and I’m really digging this front runner rack and quick release mounts.
  15. Hokierig

    Wanted  So-Cal Full Size Flat Rack for 60/80 RTT

    Looking for a flat rack for my 62 that I can mount a RTT on. Not particular about the brand as long as its strong. Would prefer Front Runner, K9, Gamiviti or Rhino Rack for the modularity, but I’m open to anything. Located in Southern California, but willing to drive to pick something up. Let...
  16. Hokierig

    Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent First Trip

    @harrydunn and @sammybones i just picked up a smittybilt XL and trying to find the right rack for it. I’d like something like the ARB expedition rack with some front storage, but by my measurements the tent would hang off the back of the rack by 14 inches or so. Would you all recommend a flat...
  17. Hokierig

    60 series porn (pictures of the kind that get people like us excited!)

    Monument Valley, UT
  18. Hokierig

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Just completed a cross country journey from Wilmington, NC to Manhattan Beach, CA. Stopped over in Oklahoma for a few days before continuing west. We managed to hit the hurricane in Tennessee a few weeks ago and the heat wave in Las Vegas the following week. Temps up to 116 in the Mojave. I was...
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