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  1. NewLCGuy

    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    Does anybody know the part number of leather lid or armrest that closes the cool box? Also, are there any instructions anywhere on forum to replace that? I don’t see any screws visible to naked eye. Thanks.
  2. NewLCGuy

    2017 initial impressions - driving

    Hi all, I thought would post my initial impressions of driving new to me ‘17 LC200 and see what were your impressions, as well as what is ‘normal’ from a driving standpoint. Just some background, the rig is CPO with 41k miles, new brakes and tires. The following is not that I had not felt during...
  3. NewLCGuy

    20+ Heritage Edition BBS wheels on 17 land cruiser?

    hi folks, I am a newbie and wanted to know if anyone has fitted the heritage edition bbs wheels on their 2017 land cruiser. Based on my research, the wheel or rim offset seems to be different between the 2020 and 2017 model. The 2017 has an offset of 56 mm, whereas 2020+ has an offset of 60 mm...
  4. NewLCGuy

    2017 Used LC - undercarriage pics

    hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and hopefully posting this to the correct thread. I see this forum has a lot of experts and enthusiasts of Land Cruisers. So, I was wondering if I could get some excellent advice from y'all. I am looking to buy a used 2017 Land Cruiser and was hoping if you...
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