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  1. Hokierig

    New to the South Bay

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself as I’m new to the area - Manhattan Beach to be precise. I drive an ‘88 FJ62 that I’ve had since 2016. It’s my first cruiser and it’s been a great truck to me. I came from NC where I was somewhat active in the Old North State Cruiser group while in...
  2. Hokierig

    SOLD  Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex

    Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex Mud Price: $1300 This RTT was originally $2,150 and is in fantastic condition. Used for less than 5 nights. I was recently gifted a hard shell tent so this one has to go. This style of tent can be mounted on your vehicles crossbars or compatible roof rack. This...
  3. Hokierig

    Wanted  So-Cal Full Size Flat Rack for 60/80 RTT

    Looking for a flat rack for my 62 that I can mount a RTT on. Not particular about the brand as long as its strong. Would prefer Front Runner, K9, Gamiviti or Rhino Rack for the modularity, but I’m open to anything. Located in Southern California, but willing to drive to pick something up. Let...
  4. Hokierig

    New to the DC Area

    Hi All, My name is Matthew and I recently moved to the DC area after graduating from Virginia Tech. I'm hoping to join some of the event here and explore the area. I daily drive my 1988 FJ62 (when it works) and I'm coming from the Olde North State Cruiser territory in NC. I'll be here at least...
  5. Hokierig

    Air in Power Steering System (FJ62)

    Hello 62 owners, I have a problem that I have been unable to diagnose and unable to find by searching existing threads. A few weeks back I heard what sounded like the bearing in my power steering pump going bad so I replaced the unit and my low pressure lines (cracked) and flushed the system...
  6. Hokierig

    New to DFW area

    Hello all, My name is Matthew and I have recently moved from North Carolina to the DFW area. I'm hoping to make some friends down here and possibly do some off roading and camping trips in my 1988 FJ62. I started a build thread that has all the information about my truck if you're interested...
  7. Hokierig

    Hokierig's FJ62

    This thread is for me to share my rig and keep track of my first Land Cruiser journey. They story began in high school when I first discovered classic 4x4s through Defender 110s, RRCs, and FJ60/62s. I have been searching on and off since 2011 but I finally took the leap and bought a really nice...
  8. Hokierig

    Any information on my centerline wheels?

    I was wondering if anyone had any information about the 9.5x15 centerline wheels that came on my truck. I believe they are centerline convo pros but I can't seem to find any information on when they were sold or where I can get a full size spare.
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