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    speedo question

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    tire purchase

    most marketable to the gernal public? My thought would be 31" BFG ATs (265/70/16 I think it is)... I believe that's a stock tire size on lots of light trucks/SUVs.
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    selectable vs full time lockers

    yea... I've always liked the idea of being able to switch back and forth between locked and open... but ARBs + compressor is SOOO much more $$$ than dual aussies... that money saved by going with aussies would go a long way towards other mods.
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    selectable vs full time lockers

    Been reading up on lockers the last couple of days... seems like people around these parts really like the Aussies, with Detroits and ARBs getting honorable mentions (mostly because of the cost). When wheeling, are there big advantages or disadvantages to a selectable locker (ARB) vs a full...
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    dual cases, slit cases, twin sticks, crawler boxes...

    wow... thanks guys - great info. The Toybox is out for me... waaay too involved/expensive for what it accomplishes, for what I plan on doing with the truck. Twin sticks seems pointless to me, though I certainly don't have any real sercious rock crawling experience, so... Regardless, it's...
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    dual cases, slit cases, twin sticks, crawler boxes...

    OK... I'm waaaay out of my league here - hoping you guys can help me get this stuff squared away. I'm considering buying an FJ40, and first on my list of mods would be lower gears (assuming it still had a manual tranny in it). I've been doing a lot of reading lately to try and get a handle...
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    budgeting help

    Thanks for the info everyone. To address some things... We are downsizing on the house because we no longer need 6500 square feet and don't want to pay $15k/year in property taxes... not because we can't afford it. Obviously family is the first priority. The crawler is non-negotiable for...
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    budgeting help

    My wife and I are going to be selling our house soon and downgrading. As such, I will have some money to spend, and I'm trying to decide whether I should keep building my 4Runner, or buy an FJ40. I'm trying to keep the emotional factor out of it (a 40 is my dream trail rig) and just work off...
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    what to look (out) for in a 98 4runner?

    Make sure all recalls/TSBs have been done. After that, it's just the normal stuff.
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    tacoma tires

    IMO, the best all-around AT is the Bridgestone Dueler AT (standard AT, not the revo). Got 45k miles out of my last set, great on pavement in all conditions except deep, fresh snow (tread fills with snow). Surprisingly good off-road. The best all-around MT is the Bridgestone Dueler MT...
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    Anyone seen the new Tacoma

    Had an 05 Tacoma for a few hours Saturday morning. All of my opinions are formed by two things: expectations I have formed from lots of reading and my feelings about my current 4Runner. 2005 Tacoma V6, Auto tranny Double cab, Long Box TRD Sport Package Tow Package The other usuals...
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    How low can you go?

    What year rig, what size tires? Generally speaking, a good set of gears should hold up fine assuming they are broken in first. I would think he could run up to 4.56s without any trouble, 4.88s would probably be safe too. Anything lower than that might be iffy if he's got a real heavy foot.
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    some wheeling pics

    Yes, it is a TJM. I paid something like $650 for it, including shipping. I got it from Xtreme Off-Road durring a group buy last summer.
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    Swapping OEM e-locks

    I can't be of much help to you... but google "Phong 4Runner". A guy named Phong retrofitted an e-locker into his 4Runner - if I remember correctly, he found that much of the wiring was already in place.
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    Anyone seen the new Tacoma

    There is a decent article on it at (click here for the article). As said, there are a few threads on from people who are starting to get their hands on them. Cool thing is that there are already aftermarket parts in development for it.
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    some wheeling pics

    Spent some time at Paragon on Sunday... here are a few pics (there are lots more on my site. Click on the thumbs for bigger images.
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    The search is on

    A 4" lift (skyjacker or OME) with 33s or 35s might be an intermedate step. Once I have a truck in my driveway I'll start making frim decisions about that stuff. I know the kind of trails I want to run (I wheel an IFS 4runner now) and the last thing I want to do is buy a 4" lift and 33s just to...
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    01 tacoma D-Cab suspension

    Not sure what "reasonable" is to you, but I agree 100%. Also look int SAW for the front.
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    02 4Runner Sport Editon needs tires. Recommendations?

    Check out my website ( I've got a database of tire reviews, mostly from 4Runner owners. Also, has some good info about tire performance. In short though, I recommend the Bridgestone Dueler AT. I ran them on my 96 4Runner for about 50k miles and loved them.
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