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    Reproduction mudflaps on ebay

    Just wondering if anybody has tried the repro mud flaps on ebay?
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    Questions for those who have installed Holley Sniper.

    I'm wrapping up the sniper install on my 85 FJ60 and have a few questions: What is everyone using for the tach signal(yellow wire) to the Sniper? I'm running the stock fj60 Dist./ignition and I read where it won't work if you hook it up to the - side of the coil like the instructions say...
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    Rear heater with LS Swap-Pics Needed!

    I'm trying to figure out how I am going to plumb the heater hoses on my 84 FJ60. I'm installing a Vortec 4.8L and I'd like to keep the rear heater. I understand LS engines need a heater bypass to keep from running warmer than normal so I need to figure out how to incorporate one of those also...
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    Mounting a fuel pump inside the fuel tank for my LS swap

    Since I didn’t find much info on this when I searched a while back, I thought I would make a post showing how I mounted the electric fuel pump inside tank on my 84 FJ60. I’m in the middle of a LS swap and I noticed most people mount the pump on the frame but I feel like it will much more...
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    FJ60 Diff Swap Help

    I've been searching and I'm coming up with a lot of conflicting info. Here's what I have: 1977 FJ40 w/ 4.10 gears 1984 FJ60 w/ 3.70 gears I would like to swap Diffs between these two. Is this a direct bolt in swap?
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    Need steel wheel info.

    I’m about to order new wheels for my 77 FJ40 and I’m coming up with two different part numbers. Can some one tell me what is the difference between these two wheels? 42601-60081 Wheel Disc $75.35 42601-60072 Wheel Disc $91.99
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    Need some gear ratio input from LS Swap guys.

    Here's my setup: 1984 FJ60 Vortec 4.8L 4L60E OD stock 3.70 gears 33x10.50 BFG KM2's I'm in the middle of the LS swap on my FJ60 and I've been thinking about gear ratios. After some calculating, I think 3.70's might be too tall for hwy driving. I'm figuring around 1800 rpm at 70 mph. I found...
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