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    Great Headlight Protectors from a great vendor

    Resurrecting an old thread.... trying to PM IdahoDoug for the past week or so. Anyone know if he still offers these 3M protective film kits for our 80 headlights? Looking to buy. Anyone know how to reach him? Thks in advance!
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    Surface preparation of 1FZFE deck surface prior to Head Gasket replacement. How smooth (RA Finish) does it need to be??

    Following your thread with some interest.... When I did the HG the first time on our '97 @ 119k, I used a straightedge and feeler gauge to check block flatness. All measure to spec after I had done the scraping and some cleanup with the scothbrite pads our machine shop used for metal cleanup...
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    For Sale 80 series non-USA sunvisors brand new

    Also interested in a set of grey. Are they available still? Has anyone found a way to have them dyed? If i recall, the material is not a std vinyl but a short velour-like material with the fuzz. I would expect a paint from a spary can to not work well at all. Thanks again.
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    Head gaskets and the 1FZ

    I too lost the 1st OEM HG at 119k in '07. I have owned our '97 since nearly new. Well maintained. TRD S/C added ~60k. Lost the 2nd "new" and redesigned OEM HG in '14 @ 170k mi. I have had to let it sit for past yr and starting now to determine best path for a 3rd HG and found this post. I too...
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    Valley Hybrids garage sale ------- we're moving!!!!!

    Just double checking: is the garage sale both Fri & Sat or just Sat? :)
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    LANDTANK fan clutch for S/C 1FZ

    I am in for one. Will put in the order at the Wit's End webstite this afternoon. Phil
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    2007 Starcraft 34RT Offroad Tent Trailer (San Jose, CA)

    No, not yet. Still on the market. First buyer was local and backed out when the tent trailer method did not quite suite the wife :(. The second is in-process... waiting a decision. Thks for asking.
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    Possible new towing mirrors!

    Any further development or info on this mirror order? I am interested. Phil
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    2007 Starcraft 34RT Offroad Tent Trailer (San Jose, CA)

    Here is another pic of the complete rig -- the 80 is not for sale :)
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    2007 Starcraft 34RT Offroad Tent Trailer (San Jose, CA)

    We our selling our 2007 Starcraft 34RT off-road high-wall tent trailer. On CL for $ 13,995 – MUD price $12,750 obo. The trailer is very large for a folding tent trailer – it has the 'high wall' with the matching taller more RV-like appliances as well as wet bath with shower and 6-gal toilet...
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    Anyone tow a Fleetwood/Coleman E2 | E3 with their 100?

    This is an old thread but thought I would some comments from our experiences. We have an '07 Starcraft 34RT 'off road' tent trailer that we tow with our '97 S/C'd 80. Its been on trips from CA to CO thru the mtn passes along the way as well as many trips to Lake Tahoe and the Central Sierra's...
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    Replacement Catalytics Convertors - CA Legal

    I called Magnaflow today: Y-Pipe + Front Cat -- DIRECT-FIT CATALYTIC CONVERTER PART# 447103 CARB or CA embosed EO # 400 Series Stl Stl -- not as good as the 304 Stl Stl for long life Warranty = 5 yrs -- much shorter than NKP Racing - thinner mtl...
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    Replacement Catalytics Convertors - CA Legal

    What concerns me about the Magnflow - and have not verified it yet - is the fine print that says mod's required when they advertise it as bolt-in and is it stl stl or a thin-gauge stl stl with a short life time?? At <$400, its certainly attractive, but still wonder. Seen the posts on the cheap...
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    Replacement Catalytics Convertors - CA Legal

    Have to renwew every 2 years so swapping starts to get expensive and time consuming. Gaskets are $50 for the whole thing plus any stripped or damaged nuts and studs. Time two for the friend plus the hour it takes. The used cat does NOT require a reweld. The front cat is factory welded to...
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    EGR hose blows off - plugged catalytic convertors?

    Can of rocks. And its not a loose heat sheild. Shield is nice an solid. When I pulled it off the first time, cleane out the rocks -- bits of worn mesh material. Took an hour. Really hard to see from the back side -- only access without a bore scope camera is thru the O2 sensor hole, as...
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    Replacement Catalytics Convertors - CA Legal

    Interesting - had not seen the Magnaflow direct fit. Thks for the lead. Per their website 'While the majority of the Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter products do not require welding...
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    Replacement Catalytics Convertors - CA Legal

    I have a plugged front cat on our CA '97 40th Anniv. I started a post awhile back when the EGR rubber hose btwn the EGR valve and the EGR modulator popped off Does anyone have any current...
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    EGR hose blows off - plugged catalytic convertors?

    Just a followup to complete this post: After some weeks of drviing around locally, I have been hearing more rattles from the front cat area - like rocks in a sheetmetal box - and a reduction in performance. I can hear the S/C working most of the time though I am able to run at freeway...
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    EGR hose blows off - plugged catalytic convertors?

    EGR hose blew off again while my wife was driving the 80! This time, the whine from the super charger as I drove it around the block and the performance loss I was feeling in teh truck, made me suspect the front cat was plugged. Pulled the Y pipe out today and found it was - could not...
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    EGR hose blows off - plugged catalytic convertors?

    Take a look at the OEM manual -- Looking at diagram on pg EG-114 in oem manual, that lower port on the EGR IS shown to be connected to the exhaust -- it confused me as well! Exhaust on what looks like a sm vacuum line?!? From here and the neighbor that owns the pr of repair shops, exhaust IS...
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