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  1. unclemat

    How much were you able to sell your stock Dunlops for?

    Just curious because there may be a significant gap between asking prices and transaction prices. Mine are like new, just 150 miles on them.
  2. unclemat

    Yokohama G003 M/T feedback on 200?

    Seems not very popular tire here, it's a M/T after all. But few folks seem to run it on 200 (@TrekboxX, @aryanalp, @SchobTime). Any more feedback/experiences? Noise on pavement? Say compared to studded Nokians? (unusual comparison, but would give me a frame of reference). Yoko touts how low...
  3. unclemat

    Any JDM/ROW accessories/parts worth getting?

    Searched a bit. What 200 specific OEM accessories or parts folks are ordering from overseas? I am aware of non-smokers ash tray (bought on ebay), 3rd row seat covers (also ebay) and Australian 2-row cargo mat (bought from a dealer there direct). Anything else? I am about to order something for...
  4. unclemat

    More People Buying Toyota Land Cruiser Now That It's Being Discontinued
  5. unclemat

    Height below HE tonneu cover?

    Can some kind soul with a 2-row HE measure the vertical distance between the floor and the tonneau cover when extended? Thanks! Unfortunately I put my new HE away till the salt crap washes away from the roads here and don't have easy access to her.
  6. unclemat

    Did your HE come with carpet mats?

    So my 2021 HE had OEM all-weather mats in the box (and the cargo mat), but no carpet mats. Not that I need/want them, but curious if yours also came that way, or the dealer pillaged my truck?
  7. unclemat

    Surprising 2015 vs. 2021 differences

    I brought a new 2021 HE home yesterday and discovered a few differences from my 2015 (2nd gen 200) I wasn't aware of: 1. Second row middle seat headrest is no longer hidden pull up type. Kinda sucks because it obstructs rear vision, but I suppose it's more properly sized for a full size adult...
  8. unclemat

    SOLD  (MA): 200-series (13-15) ARB Deluxe Front Bumper/Bull Bar - BRAND NEW

    For sale brand new, never installed, ARB Deluxe bull bar, part # 3415150. Fits 2013-2015 200-series LC. Will include STEDI LED fogs made specific to fit that bumper. Also brand new uninstalled. Pickup near Boston, MA. Can potentially deliver within reasonable distance. Will take pics in a few...
  9. unclemat

    Covercraft dash cover for the 200 series

    It appears to be available now; I don't think it was two years ago when I checked. Anyone bought one?
  10. unclemat

    SOLD  Set of 2016+ 18" LC stock rims

    Please let me know if you would like to unload them. Thanks.
  11. unclemat

    Wanted  Northeast: Set of 18" Tundra TRD black/silver wheels

    Looking for a set of rims in excellent condition. Happy to provide labels for shipping if price is right. Like these:
  12. unclemat

    SOLD  Boston area: Studded Nokian 9 275/65/18 tires

    Changed my mind.
  13. unclemat

    Heritage roof rack removal - what tools?

    I will be buying an HE in person but having it shipped afterwards. I want to remove the rack before the shipper picks it up and want to be prepared for that- can anyone tell me what tools are needed? Thanks!
  14. unclemat

    2014 with 2016+ front & rear end for sale (not mine)

    Just stumbled upon this... clearly has 2016+ front, but also appears to be 2016+ tailgate as well: Apparently the conversions are a thing in ROW, but haven't seen/read about one in the U.S. or read about one here...
  15. unclemat

    Dual 200-series garage... 2015 & 2021 - which one to build?

    I feel ridiculous about posting this but: I frigging love the 200-series (ha, we all do). I bought 2015 used little over 2 years ago with plans to build it out. Goal: capable not crazy overland/moderate trail rig. The only regret not buying one sooner. The other lesser regret maybe not buying...
  16. unclemat

    Dealer for 200 recall/warranty work in Boston area?

    Any recommendations for a dealership that won't mess up too many things when I take the 200-series in? After numerous bad experiences with various brands I avoid dealers like plague, but with the recall work looming (seat belt, fuel pump) I will be forced to go to one. I am slightly north of...
  17. unclemat

    ARB Deluxe bumper tube diameter?

    Impossible to find this info. The 2016+ Summit bumper says 60.3 mm (~2.37 inch). What's the diameter on the Deluxe, particularly the 2013-2015 model? Can someone whip out a caliper and measure one for me? Thanks!
  18. unclemat

    For Sale  (MA): Mcgard wheel lock set - silver - M14x1.5 - brand new

    Mcgard Lock nut set for M14x1.5. Fits wheels that take cone lug nuts like Rock Warriors. Brand new with pouch and stickers. Note the key is longer than the TRD branded set (also made by Mcgard) so won't scratch wheels. $20 shipped/paypalled
  19. unclemat

    For Sale  MA: 2015 200-series OEM wheel w/tire (unused spare)

    For sale the spare wheel w/OEM Dunlop tire (285/60/18) from my 2015 Land Cruiser. Appears to never be used with full 11/32nd of tire tread. Comes as originally on the car, ie.. with TPMS sensor (tested, works) and without the center cap. $150 picked up in Boston area.
  20. unclemat

    SOLD  MA: 200 OEM wheels w/Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires 285/60/18 - perfect condition

    For sale set (4) of wheels that came on my 2015 200-series. Tires are 285/60/18 Michelin Latitude Tour HP with more than 8/32nd of tread (new spec is 10/32nd). Less than 1.5 years old and less than 8k miles. Wheels are virtually perfect: absolutely no curbing, no scratches, and no paint chips...
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