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    Power Steering Pump Information

    I am looking for some information on the power steering pump. Does anyone know the GPM and pressure for a 93 power steering pump. FSM has the minimum pressure for when it should be replaced. I am building a full Hydro setup for my buggy and need to know if the power steering pump can keep up...
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    Full Hydro Steering on an 80 info?

    I am looking for some information. I turned my 93 Landcruiser into a full buggy during the COVID shut down, with the help of Ironpig Offroad. The front is three linked, stock axle housing, I have not posted up details on the build yet but will soon. When we did the front, we decide to move...
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    Anyone Need Anything From Iron Pig

    I am heading to VA next week for about 10 days. I will be at Iron Pig for the majority of the time. If anyone needs anything from Iron Pig, I will be coming home with an empty pickup bed and will haul for you. Pick up would need to be in Chelmsford, MA. Call Lance and order. Just tell him...
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    94 unlocked For Sale

    I picked up a 94 this week and before I do any work to it, I am thinking about selling it. I picked it up because I was thinking of swapping my lift and armor over to it from my 93. But not sure I want to do that now. Here are the details: 1994 bought at Boston Toyota. Odometer has 68,521...
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    80 series upper hatch rear glass For Sale

    I just changed my upper hatch on my 93. The old one is rusted around the rear window. I am thinking of selling the rear glass if anyone needs it, make me an offer. The rear window is located in Chelmsford, MA, If anyone wants the upper hatch for patch pieces, its your for free. Otherwise it...
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