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  1. Chase77

    EFI/fuel pump hell - Help

    All- I've read every post on EFI / fuel pump issues but I can't figure this out after weeks of tinkering. I've replaced the open circuit relay. Tested the EFI relay but still no fix. Here's what I know/have done: 1. At the connection in the drivers rear wheel well the wires were corroded so I...
  2. Chase77

    Military AC trailer chassis not magnetic????

    All- Anybody know much about military trailers? Scored a Rayethon S/A chassis that held an AC unit. Very similar to m116a3 from the looks of it. Weird part is that some areas like the rims and tow points are magnetic/Steel. Everything else is not magnetic including the frame. I can't imagine...
  3. Chase77

    Wanted  FJ62 Thermostat housing needed

    Anybody have a tstat housing for sale? 1989 FJ62.
  4. Chase77

    Wanted  Any Birfield, Any condition, needed on the cheap

    I need a Birfield to make a trophy out of for my buddy. If anyone has a cheap birf in any condition, please PM me. I need to get it fabbed up in the next few weeks.
  5. Chase77

    77 FJ40 - Cincinnati $2500

    77 FJ40 Project - SOLD SOLD.
  6. Chase77

    Good deal on CPO 02 LC?

    I low balled a local dealership awhile back on a 02 Lc with 50K. The truck ended up being purchased by another person. It turns out the deal never went through and the sales guy called me to try to work something out. They'll take 19K for it Seems like an OK deal but wanted to hear some input...
  7. Chase77

    Fully built 4runner AND Expo Trailer - $9500

    Unfortunately things change and we no longer have time to use this combo like we originally planned. It's a waste to let it sit and we're looking to sell this as a package to someone who will be able to enjoy it. I'll write a detailed description when I have time later in the week but Phil's...
  8. Chase77

    No rear brakes... Lspv diagnosis

    My wife 93 4runner isn't getting fluid to the rear brakes. The fronts are bleeding properly but very little fluid is coming out of the LSPV port that feeds the soft line that goes down to the axle. Fluid is bleeding from the LSPV bleeder but with a lot of air coming out as well. Is there...
  9. Chase77

    Die size/pattern for wheel studs

    I have some knarled wheel studs and need to straighten out the threads. Anybody know the size and thread pattern off hand so I can swing by sears on my way home from work? I'm guessing 12mm with a 1.5 pitch???
  10. Chase77

    Knuckle wiper ring broke... What else can I use???

    I'm wrapping up my knuckle rebuild and two of the felt retainer ring pieces are rusted all the way through.... I need to get this thing on the road and was wondering if I can pull two off of a 40 series or minitruck or something else to hold me over while I order the parts from cruiser dan...
  11. Chase77

    No check engine light, no start... things to check?

    My check engine light isn't coming on with the key in the on position. Is there anything to check besides the EFI relay and ECU that would cause this? Anything in the MAF sensor, wiring harness, etc that I should add to my list of things to check?
  12. Chase77

    Wanted  DD Down... Need FJ62 Ignition parts

    If you have a coil/ignitor and/or EFI relay, please pm me.
  13. Chase77

    DD Ignition issues cont - Died and left me stranded today

    Seems my probllem from my previous thread runs a bit deeper than I originally thought. Today the check engine light blinked every time I let off the gas on the highway. I was accelerating onto...
  14. Chase77

    Bearing whine/ringing coming from belt area ?

    I tightened up my belts hoping they were the cause of the ringing/whistling sounds.... Seems the ringing is coming from one or all of the accessories. Is there a kit to replace the bearing on the pulleys or am i looking at having to buy new parts? I havent had any issues with the accessories...
  15. Chase77

    DD won't start after tune up - Please Help

    I took on what I thought were two easy projects this weekend and now the truck starts/fires but immediately dies before it can ever reach idle. I did a basic tune up - (Changed out plugs, dist cap, rotor and kept the wires since they were replaced less than a year ago). I also tightened all...
  16. Chase77

    Help with cavity wax smell

    I sprayed the inside of my doors with Eastwood's Heavy Duty Anti Rust about 4 months ago and can't get rid of the heavy wax smell. Any ideas on how to help with the smell? Is there something else I could spray over it to help seal in the smell? Anyone else use this stuff? Thanks
  17. Chase77

    Size of shackles to level Ironman suspension

    What shackle combo have those with Ironmans found to level out the rake of the suspension?
  18. Chase77

    1.5" Anti-invert shackles?

    Didn't think shackle shopping would be so frustrating.... Found those anti inversion shackles that are stock length or 2.5" over.... Anyone know of a vendor with anything in between around 1.5" over?
  19. Chase77

    Major brake issue... Please help

    I'm at wits end with the brakes in my wife's truck. Sometimes if accelerating out of a full stop, the truck will not accelerate and feels like the breaks are locked up. When this happens the pedal is too hard to push down on. I've not run across this problem before and can't figure it out...
  20. Chase77

    What is it worth - 77 project

    Hi All, The wife and I are trying to dig up some funds for a house purchase and I might have to ditch the 40 project that I've been toying with. I'd like to sell the entire lot but don't expect to recoup the 6k I have into it. Any assistance guesstimating this would help me greatly. 77...
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