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  1. cool Bob

    first gen pickup/hilux gauge cluster housing/size?

    Hello Mud, I have an 81 pickup/hilux DLX and am hoping to replace the gauge cluster with an SR5 style with tachometer. Also my current odometer is broken so there's no real reason not to. Anyway, the question is whether a gauge cluster from an 82 or 83 would fit in my 81? I found one on ebay...
  2. cool Bob

    MUDShip  San Francisco to Durango, CO - Freight reccomendation?

    Hi Mud, looking to ship a 4runner from SF to Durango CO weekend of april 10. Hoping to get a recommendation for a shipping service, or if there are any Mud members with a flatbed who are willing to ship a car, feel free to PM me a quote! Thanks! Bob
  3. cool Bob

    For Sale  1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 - Mint Condition

    Hi All, Putting feelers out for my beautiful 1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 with 119K miles. Some of you may have seen this truck on BaT - it did not sell there as reserve wasn't met, but I ended up coming to an agreement privately with the seller. It's all original - graphics, paint, interior - and...
  4. cool Bob

    Wanted  First Gen Long Bed - Trade for First Gen 4Runner Turbo

    Hi All, I have a 1986 4Runner Turbo in mint condition - has 119,XXX miles, brand new ARB suspension and 33" K02's about to be installed. Hoping to trade or trade + cash for a really nice 1st gen 4x4 long bed pickup. Was planning on selling the runner in the spring but I purchased a snowmobile...
  5. cool Bob

    86 runner - Tire size advice?

    Hey guys, quick question for you all. Just picked up an '86 4runner and am looking for advice on how large I can go when I get new tires for it. I'm upgrading the suspension - 2.25" OME rear leafs with add-a-leaf and nitrochargers all around, but wont be doing any body lift or anything else...
  6. cool Bob

    Front Mudflap install hardware?

    Hi guys, I just received my front mudflaps from Cruiser parts and would like to get them installed, but realized the hardware wasn't included. I'm going to remove the running boards and wondering if the running board hardware works for installing the mud flaps? If not, does anyone know what size...
  7. cool Bob

    FZJ80 Factory spoiler removal?

    Hi all, am new here, and hoping for advice on how to 'properly' remove the factory rear spoiler/fairing on my 97 I just picked up. I've done a ton of searching and haven't found an official thread here, but if I'm just missing it please let me know! It looks fairly simple, just removing the...
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