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  1. ATwoZ

    Pre Collision Component Inter-Compatibility

    Hey - I've got another retrofit-esque question....I'm looking at the MTS retrofit and obviously some of the components have a PCS vs non-PCS designation, does anyone know what the impact would be of mixing those? I'm somewhat considering a retrofit of PCS itself, but parts are pricey and would...
  2. ATwoZ

    Retrofit Automatic High Beams

    So I've been eyeing some of the differences between my 2010 LX and the refreshed 2013-2015. I enjoyed what @nwfl4runner was doing with the mechanical retrofits (MTS, Crawl and Turn Assist), and it got me thinking if there were other pieces that could be ported over. One was the Automatic High...
  3. ATwoZ

    LX570 USB Retention Cable

    I know this a shot in the dark, bit any older (2010) LX owners do a USB port retention? I picked up the grom audio box and it's been great; however it doesn't appear to have any USB port retention cables, which has turned into routing some long USB cables in some not so clean ways. I...
  4. ATwoZ

    Digital Dash

    I was checking some of EC Offroad's options and it looks like they've got a new toy- a full digital dash replacement. I hadn't seen this sort of retrofit before. I personally like the analog approach, but thought others might dig it...
  5. ATwoZ

    TPMS Sensor Accuracy OEM vs OE

    Hi, I recently had my TPMS sensors replaced at Discount while having some other work done. I've been having sensors start to fail which I know is just age related, and decided to get the rest replaced proactively. Prior to replacement I recalled the OEM sensors being within 1-2PSI of what...
  6. ATwoZ

    Wanted  Denver/Any: LX570 3rd Row Seat Belt Cover (Ivory)

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but the ivory plastic cover on my 3rd Row Seat Belt snapped off, and before I try and glue it together or something I wanted to see if there was anyone that had removed their 3rd Row Belts and was interested in parting with one of the covers. Unfortunately...
  7. ATwoZ

    Bike Rack for 200 Series

    Hey guys, Looking for your thoughts on preferred bike racks for a 200 series? Would prefer to stay hitch-mounted, due to overall height on roof. Right now I'm using a Yakima Doubledown which is 'ok', but the main issue is that even with it tilted back the lower gate of the 200 will hit it...
  8. ATwoZ

    Help needed: Not starting + Check VSC System

    Hi, I could use some help with troubleshooting- my 2010 LX wouldn't start the other day (and hasn't since). Electronics work and I've got a cuckoo clocks worth of lights and alarms (see image). I've googled online, but not getting real far... Things I've done/checked: Battery - Charged...
  9. ATwoZ

    Cleaning Electrical Receptacle

    So I finally got pieces together for installing the led step lights on my slee sliders. Got the skids off, went to dry for and saw the electrical receptacles were corroded, either that or filled with crap from plows. Anyone run into this before? Ideas on how to clean them out? I came across...
  10. ATwoZ

    Wanted  CO: 200 Roof Rails

    Hi, Looking for Roof Rails in good condition from a TLC 200 series - not sure standard colors, but preference for black or silver. I have an LX that I'd like to put full rails on (not ready for the full flat top carrier) Thanks!
  11. ATwoZ

    For Sale  Colorado - LX570 20" rim + Michelin Tire

    Have the stock spare 20" wheel and associated Michelin Tire. Just bought car, so don't know if it was used, but tread looks good. Car came with 18s so just trying to swap spare to same size. If you have an old LX470 18" rim I'd be willing to trade. Otherwise looking for some cash for wheel...
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