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  1. SpenserAK

    One-off stainless brake lines? (Not full kit)

    Tried thread bumping, but no luck, sorry for the new one. Looking to get a single braided line for the front (passenger frame to axle) but can only find kits... have searched plenty, but my bad if I missed the answer. Are there any options for this? Just found mine (from PO) was rubbing on the...
  2. SpenserAK

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Compound Change re: Winter Performance

    Interesting responses from Joe Bacal recently in regards to the AT3W, when myself and others asked about winter performance vs a few others. Of course, who knows what folks' experience will continue to be, and "winter" varies, but since this tire has such a large fanbase and always seems to do...
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