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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Hey folks, I have a click click clicking from the air pump on my 1984 FJ60. By hand with the belt off smog pump spins freely, but clicks a couple times each revolution, both clockwise and counterclockwise. WIth engine on there has also been a clicking noise at idle, and on occasion worse noises...
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    Build month not on VIN plate 84 FJ60

    Hey! I just picked up an FJ60, all the numbers match all the vin plates and the frame rail. I'm pretty sure the build month has been on all my previous 40s and 60s I've owned. But the build month is not shown in the plate in the driver door jam on this one? See pic. Is a missing month common...
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    I think I'm turning Japanese

    I really think so.
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    Detroit locker 'bench' test?

    Hey folks!! A Question?? I searched here and in hardcore but didn't find anything. I Bought a complete rear axle several years ago including a Detroit locker. The set up had less than 1000 miles. I never mounted it under my 40, so the axle has been sitting patiently in the corner. I...
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    Tx inspection for 83 fj60 desmog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if there are any gotcha's getting an 83 FJ60 inspected if its been de-smogged. It is stock 2F except has a Holley carb and headers. Manual choke works fine. Ttruck has New Mexico plates. I'm getting it inspected/registered here in beautiful Hays county TX. No tailpipe...
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    Feb 7, 1975

    Guess its time to retire the upper radiator hose... Door plate says feb 1975, who knows might be original. Hoping to get 37 years out of next one too.
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    Matagorda beach 9/23-25

    The Houston club is doing some Matagorda Beach cleanup Saturday 9/24. Camping about 12 miles up the barrier island Fri and Sat. See link: Matagorda Beach Clean Up (Sept. 24, 2011) Sign Up Page And sign up page Matagorda Beach Fall Beach Clean Up / September 24 2011 I have some work in...
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    upholstery in austin

    Hey Mark! Can you post contact info for the guy who did your upholstery? Or if anyone has recommendations. both for my 40 and for another vehicle. Thanks! Tim
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    Need 2011 LC calendar

    Howdy folks, it's been a while hope everyone is well. I haven't gotten my Brimmer calendar yet...did the club buy any and have any left? I know i can get them elsewhere, but want to help local first. I was going to get 2 or 3. Thanks! Tim
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    1982 FJ60 for sale Austin, TX

    >>>>> SOLD 12/12/2005 <<<<< I'm selling my 1982 (11/81) FJ60 to make room for our new kidmobile/Ikeawagon/gas saver (Highlander). This stock F60 is my daily driver and runs very well, I do not hesitate to drive it distances (from home in Austin to visit friends/family in Dallas, Houston...
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    FIVE Super Swamper LTB 34x10.5 on new rims

    Sold THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD, THANKS FOR LOOKING I've got FIVE nearly new Super Swamper LTB 34"x10.5" tires on new white spoke steel 15"x7" rims. 4 tires have less than 600 road miles on them, the fifth has never been on the road. They are mounted, balanced and ready to bolt on. More info and...
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    what is this--passenger footwell/vacuum under hood

    Hi guys! A question about my 1982 (Nov 81) FJ60. I'm fixing a hundred and one PO emissions vacuum hose mis-routings under the hood. I found this hose that originates on the firewall on the passenger side, and the end that I am holding was connected to a tee just above the PCV valve. As far...
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    FJ40 rear axle with disc brakes and locker

    FJ40 rear axle complete - Rear Disc Brakes, Detroit Locker in Austin, TX. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a complete FJ40 rear axle that I hoped I would have time to install but I never did. I have come to realize that I am perfectly...
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    FJ40 rear axle complete - RDB, Detroit

    Please Delete this thread will hopefully be deleted because of the confusing title. sorry for trouble. Tim
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    1989 FJ62 GREY interior parts

    05-29-2005 A FEW THINGS STILL NEED TO GO! Parts from a GREY interior from a 1989 FJ62 in good shape. Parts list below. I can take pictures upon request, but a lot of pictures are here: --> $400 <-- takes the lot, including delivery within 150 miles of...
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    FJ40 miscellanea for sale

    Hi there! I've got some random things for sale that I've accumulated over the last few years. All parts in Austin, TX, 78753, buyer pays shipping. I can take pictures and provide more info if needed. Make offer if you don't like my prices...I'll give a really good deal to the guy or gal who...
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