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    Warn M47C Hub Gaskets

    Searched for Warn M47C hub gaskets only found that SOR has them, did not make any other matches. Issue is they want $25 shipping, could easily fit in a USPS envelope. Does anyone know a P/N or where else I could look? Thanks.
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    1968 FJ40 Color Codes

    Looked at the local auto stores trying to get a close match for the gray/silver interior color, no luck. The piece I have would not scan reliably to have paint mixed. Does anyone have information on perhaps a duplicolor spray can that would be a close match? Or, if anyone has the interior...
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    Is this hardtop bracket correct?

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    Help identifying parts

    These are on an FJ40 I just purchased: A friend suggested the bracket with the spring is for hooking canvass type sun shades on? The aluminuim bracket was bolted on the tailgate door, under where someone mounted a gas can holder where the spare tire should be, they mounted it on the side...
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    1968 FJ40 Window Seals

    I just purchased a 1968 FJ40 and starting to disassemble to restore. Before I remove the windows, I would like to organise the seals that hold the glass into the body. I cannot locate any. Does anyone know of suppliers that have these?
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