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  1. Flying40guy

    Hard top cap fiberglass

    So one of the POs painted the fiberglass on the under side of the hard top cap. I started to sand the paint off but it seems like it’s gonna be a pretty painful process. Part of the fiberglass had some damage that I wanted to repair. My question is do you think the black paint needs to come...
  2. Flying40guy

    Wiring for temp sender '77 2F

    '77 2F Trying to hook up the wiring to the original instrument cluster (PO had aftermarket cluster for oil and temp). Got the oil hooked back up but need some questions answered about the temp sender wiring. Where does the wire coming from the sending unit join the wire harness? It's a...
  3. Flying40guy

    For Sale  Jumpseat straps

    Ordered the wrong size jumpseat straps. These are new SOR straps for a 9/73 - 4/78 FJ40. I’d take $10 shipped.
  4. Flying40guy

    Oil pressure sending question

    So my ‘77 FJ40 has the 2F with the oil cooler. When I bought it, it had an aftermarket gauge cluster where the radio would go in addition to the OEM cluster. The OEM cluster works except for the oil pressure gauge and the temp gauge. I'd like to remove the aftermarket gauge and just have the...
  5. Flying40guy

    WTF is this?

    Ok Gurus, I’ve had this piece dangling from the engine bay side of the firewall and have no idea what it was for. Looks like there may have been an electrical short or something that partially charred the green connector. It was like this when I bought it. Any idea what this may have been...
  6. Flying40guy

    Transmission leak

    Hi guys. I’m having a hard time identifying the source of this leak at the rear part of the trans. It just started leaking today and it seems pretty significant. Pictures indicate where it is coming from. I’m just not sure what’s causing it. Almost looks like some sort of hole I’m pointing...
  7. Flying40guy

    For Sale  FJ40 seat foam

    Original seat foam out of a ‘74. One seat cushion in very good condition. I upgraded to some SOR foam while refurbishing some seats. $50 + shipping.
  8. Flying40guy

    Can this be fixed?

    I’m not a welder. I was wondering if those who are knowledgeable could chime in on the best fix for this transmission hump. Can it be welded back or is it best to look for a replacement. Thanks.
  9. Flying40guy

    Trying to replace seal for leaking manual steering box

    Hey guys, I've finally successfully removed the pitman arm because I knew that was a must in order to replace the seal that I suspect was causing the leak from the steering box. I received the sector shaft seal from Toyota but now I'm not seeing exactly how to replace it. I've read certain...
  10. Flying40guy

    Wanted  Steering wheel pad

    Looking for a steering wheel pad center for my ‘77 FJ40. Mine has come apart and I’m looking for one in better condition. Thanks.
  11. Flying40guy

    SOR rebuilt brake booster feedback?

    Hey guys, first post on MUD. Thanks in advance for any guidance. I think i've read all the threads regarding brake boosters but I still have a question. Anyone have any experience with the SOR rebuilt brake boosters? I have a '77 FJ40 booster that needs replacing and I'd like to see if...
  12. Flying40guy

    MUDShip  '77 FJ40

    Just purchased a '77 FJ40. Need it shipped from the Tahoe area to Minneapolis area. Any suggestions on shipping companies, etc.? Thanks.
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