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  1. GA Architect

    Wanted  FJ40 - Tool Bag Wanted

    Looking to purchase a new tool bag for my FJ40. Any MUD member/vendor sell this bag (cropped from TheBay) by chance? NOTE: City Racer LLC has sold out and doesn't plan to order any more at this time.
  2. GA Architect

    SOLD  #2 New Replica: FJ40 Rear Wiring Harness

    The OEM part number for this rear harness replication is #82420-90318B. This harness uses all 16ga wire and has an initial wrap of non-adhesive harness tape. The rear half has two extra protective layers; Tesa wire loom harness tape covered with a final wrap of gray electrical tape. Note, due...
  3. GA Architect

    SOLD  #1 New Replica: FJ40 Rear Wiring Harness

    The OEM part number for this rear harness replication is #82420-90318B. Note, due to the rear tail light female plugs being no longer available, I've left the wires unpinned at this time. This harness uses all 16ga wire and has an initial wrap of non-adhesive harness tape. The rear half has...
  4. GA Architect

    Holley Sniper EFI 2300: Throttle Cable Brackets at the Carb

    To all who have installed the Holley Sniper 2300 units, would you mind posting up photos of how you attached the throttle cable to the carb? If you used any particular off-the-shelf brackets could you post up part numbers? Also, your thoughts either good or bad about the setup you went with...
  5. GA Architect

    Wanted  FJ40 Fire Wall Hand Throttle Bracket as seen below

    I'm looking for the below hand throttle bracket that mounts on the FJ40's fire wall, just above the gas pedal. Or, if someone would let me borrow theirs so I can make a copy. TIA
  6. GA Architect

    Holley Sniper - Oxygen Sensor Location

    To those who have installed the Sniper EFI units, please post up some photos of where you tapped the exhaust line to install the Oxygen Sensor's weld bung. That would be for individuals that run the OEM exhaust manifold, as well as individuals that run headers.
  7. GA Architect

    Wanted  Downey Air Cleaner

    Looking for the Downey Air Cleaner as seen below: If you have one for sale, please send me a PM. Thanks in Advance!
  8. GA Architect

    For Sale  NOT MINE!!! - CL 1977 FJ40 ....$65K (have it guys!)

    The start of the add: "1977 Toyota FJ40 body off the chassis restoration to "as it rolled off the assembly line". Everything on this vehicle has been gone through and restored, everything....." Yea, right! it rolled off the assembly line! Less a few parts, perhaps? This Dude's been...
  9. GA Architect

    Hose Clamps, Constant Tension type

    My OEM radiator has sprung a few leaks, thus I'm replacing it with another OEM unit. I'll also be replacing all four coolant hoses for my '77 FJ40. And with the new hoses, I'd like to use constant tension clamps on them if possible. Does anyone know of any Toyota Part numbers that could replace...
  10. GA Architect

    Wanted  Oil Filter Bracket - Relief Valve

    Wanted: Trying to complete an oil cooler/bracket assembly from an '86 2F, but I'z missing the relief valve. Must of went flying when someone removed the plug & spring.
  11. GA Architect

    SOLD  FJ40 - Bestop Supertop 51464-15

    Bestop Supertop 51464-15 used for about 2 or 3 weeks, boxed it up and installed a Bestop bikini top. Price: $400.00 for top & hardware only...pickup in Woodstock, GA or MUD-ship only. Will need to order the Bestop #51209-01 black windshield channel, $17 on Amazon
  12. GA Architect

    Wanted  (Thread Closed) FJ40 - 4.11 front Differential (Thread Closed)

    Looking for a good, used (1/74 - 12/78) FJ40 front axle 4.11 3rd Member. PM me about what you may have. Thanks!
  13. GA Architect

    SOLD  Mud Claw Radial M/T - LT285/70R17

    SOLD For Sale: Four used LT285/70R17 Mud Claw Radial M/T tires with 90% tread left. $400 takes them, pick up in Woodstock, GA. SOLD
  14. GA Architect

    SOLD  Procar Rally Series 1000 Seats *SOLD*

    I opted for the XL version of these seats in my '77 FJ40, thus I'm selling the Procar Rally Series 1000 seats I took out. The condition on these seats are great, $500 for the pair. Note: Local sale around Atlanta, GA or MUD ship only.
  15. GA Architect

    Wanted  1977 FJ40 - Rear Wiring Harness

    Looking for an OEM rear harness to fit a '77 FJ40.
  16. GA Architect

    Milton Martin Toyota - Gainesville, GA

    Helping my daughter look for an FJ Cruiser on-line, I came across one at Milton Martin Toyota in Gainesville, Georgia. I called them, set up an appointment for Friday evening, and my Mom and Daughter went to go look at it. It looked great but had a few blemishes; scratches, dented bumper, and...
  17. GA Architect

    Stamped Bezel: Cygnus White & Vinyl Lettering

    I purchased two of the South American stamped bezels and have them painted. One is painted OEM Cygnus White by a Toyota Collision Center and the other is painted Duplicolor - Wimbledon White by me. I am looking for the vinyl lettering to install on these. Does anyone know where I can find a...
  18. GA Architect

    FJ45 on Hemmings

    MUD - Does anyone on here know anything about this FJ45 being sold on Hemmings? I'm looking to see who restored this rig and when it was done. (Moderators, if this post needs to be in a different location, feel free to move it....Thanks)
  19. GA Architect

    Wanted  77 FJ40 - Skid Plate - (Found one)

    Looking for a skid plate that fits the US spec '77 FJ40. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. GA Architect

    For Sale  FJ40 - Vapor Barrier for Doors (in stock - 4/2/20)

    EDIT: As of 4/2/20 - I have a few sets available. I have a few sets of cut & punched 6 mil. plastic FJ40 door vapor barriers. I didn't want creases in the vapor barriers so I had to by a roll, and 25' was the smallest I could find. Hence I made a few extra sets to finish up the roll....I...
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