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    80 series part

    80 series random parts including 2 FSM's-1996-GA 100-series pads for rear PN 04466-60070 (new) $50 drive belt PN 90916-02353-83 x 2 (new) $10 each A/C belt PN 99332-10910-83 (new) $10 A/C dryer PN 88471-50020 $25 Antenna mast/motor used, motor works, mast is broken 86300-60050...
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    HG failure vs cracked head--need advise

    been tracking down mysterious coolant loss for the past few weeks, that i think i've solved. let me back up by saying that 3 years ago i replaced my HG and the truck has run great since then. i've had a scanguage for years and watch the water temp on it almost as much as i watch the...
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    engine revs repeatedly at idle after HG

    need a little help here. i have a '96 with 244k. i have finally finished the HG repair and buttoned everything up last night. initially when i started her up, i got a P0340, but i realized that i had installed the dizzy a few teeth off. i got it set right now per the FSM (except i haven't put...
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    exhaust manifold stud/bolt part number for a 96

    i've searched all over and can't find this part number. i need this part like yesterday and the dealer here is no help. thanks in advance.
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    fuel filter copper washers

    i'm replacing the fuel filter while i have my intake off (replacing the head gasket). does the OEM filter come with the copper washers? if not, i assuming these can these be easily found at a parts store, correct?
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    my turn to replace the headgasket

    after 244,000 miles it was my turn to jump in and pull the head. so far so good. i did manage to break one of the knock sensors on the block tho, (:doh:)! the head is at the machine shop and the injectors have been sent off. does this look fairly typical of a gasket failing at #6?
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    questions before i start on my head gasket repair

    replacing the headgasket now. a few questions on parts/part numbers i have a '96 with 244,000 on the clock and it's time to replace the headgasket. i've read and re-read most of the posts from others on their headgasket rebuilds, but i'm asking for some advice from those who have been through...
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    running a little warm while on the freeway

    i have a '96 with a little over 230,000 miles. i got it when it had 90k on the ticker and have kept up with all the PM since then. i've recently (in the past 5000 miles) done my annual flush and fill of the coolant and changed to 10,000cst in my blue fan clutch. here's what i'm noticing: on...
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    '96 80-series front drive shaft

    i have a used front drive shaft from a '96 80-series that i was using as a spare that i no longer need. i got it used from a fellow-mudder and drove it for about 1500 miles w/o any problems. i just don't have the need for an extra DS any more. u-joints are smooth on both ends. $60 plus the ride...
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    '96 80 series stock springs

    trying to make room in the garage... i have both front and rear stock/OEM springs that i have boxed up and ready to ship to the lower 48. They had ~90,000 miles on 'em when i put the OME's on and have been boxed up in the OME boxes in storage since then. $30 for the front $30 for the rear...
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    (4) BFG MT's 315/75/16 used in GA

    i have a set of 4 used BFG MT's 315/75/16's that have a good bit of tread left that i'm selling (see pics). they have seen very little off-road use and i have a set of 295 AT's that i'm running now. the cruiser is my DD and i don't have many rocks/hills to climb here at the coast. see the...
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    '96 80-series OEM tie rod, drag link, and ends and A/C compressor

    for sale: stock/OEM drag link/tie rod and TRE's. $30 each (the rod ends will ship with the rod) + the ride to the lower 48. i'll take a MO or paypal. some details: i recently replaced my OEM TRE's, tie rod and drag link with 555 ends and slee rods. i been chasing down a vibration and thought...
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    AC compressor replacement question(s)

    i've replaced the dryer, condenser and expansion valve on my '96. the bearings in the clutch went out on the compressor then developed a leak in the condeser. i let the bearings go to long and the clutch essentially ruined the nose of the compressor (i know, i should've replaced it sooner, and...
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    front axle rebuild kit for 80 series

    i have a brand new 80 series front axle rebuild kit with timken bearings that came from cruiser outfitters that i don't need at the moment. i'm replacing my AC compressor and have to put the birf job on hold for a while. i got this from ferg a few weeks ago. i'll sell it for $150 and FREE...
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    1" lower on the DS than the PS

    i've been fighting a vibration issue for some time. see here (if interested). i installed OME 850/860's about 4 years ago and she's my DD. no hard wheeling in the past 6 months:crybaby: and no trauma. a couple of weeks ago, i replaced the bushings in the front and rear panhard and the...
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    Panhard/Rear Control Arm Bushing replacement

    finally got around to replacing the bushings in my front and rear panhards and rear upper and lower control arms (and the rubber in both sway bars). she's my DD i really can't be down without her for more than a day (hopefully) and contemplated having someone else do it. but after getting a few...
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    removing front panhard

    i'm trying to replace the bushings in my front panhard but i can't get a socket or impact on the PS bolt bcs the tie-rod is in the way. i have an OME lift with 850's up front. couldn't find any posts of anyone having this problem and wasn't sure if something was wrong with my setup or if i just...
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    another day, another vibration...

    here's yet another vibration thread. and i (like most) am having trouble tracking down what's causing it. the posts i've read that sound very familiar to what i'm experiencing have no or very little follow-up. and believe me, i've read and re-read every vibration post on this site trying to...
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    finally solved one of my vibration issues

    after over a month, i findally solved one of my vibration issues and wanted to share my experience since this is a common topic. i've spent hours reading and re-reading vibration threads and there are very few with follow-up on whether or not the issue was solved. looking back, i should've...
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    rear heater switch and heated seat ?

    wrong time of the year to ask about heated seats, i know, but i was wondering if it was possible (practical) to use a rear heater switch (hi-low-off) to operate the heated seats (aftermarket ones with hi-low-off switch)? i'm assuming that switch will fit in one of the coin-holders. just wanted...
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