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    Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep an eye on the board now and again. I'll get that silver star back up there. Hopefully in a year or two will be back to owning another 80 series. I already miss that LC, my Girl's do too. I talked to a friend of the new owner today, and he absolutely loves it...


    I sold the LC, and the Jeep, to buy a pick-up again. Lots going on, tryng to finish a house etc., no time for toys. I will be back. Just want to thank all of you for introducing me to the greatest four by four on Earth. I'll be done with boards for a while, so take care, will see ya in the near...

    Tranny life of a 3FE?

    214K, 33's, 4:88 gears, shifts perfectly...

    92 & 94 factory style steps interchangeable?

    They didn't come on the early 80's... I don't think. Mine are from a '94 FJ and are on a '92. The front part that wraps the fender flare has a bit of a gap since the flares are different between the years. You will have to come up with a way to attach the running boards under the FJ too, as...

    parting out 94 landcruiser 43,000 original miles

    He's prob busy at work right now. He has what most of us would call a Dream Job. I'm sure that he will get back to you as soon as he can. Parting the truck out isn't a problem for him as he will make a lot more than trying to sell without a title... which is a long story. :D Interior is gray...

    83" jeep scrambler cj8 leaf switch...

    You can run YJ leaf springs, they are wider and will give the CJ a better ride. You will need to change the spring perches on the axles though. Then you may as well go with a spring over and some 36" tires.... then gears... then the axles are too small... upgrade axles, lockers.... Never ends...

    Builds ROTW sseaman

    Looks just like mine. Glad to see another FJ80 in the ROTW. Nice color too. Nice ride.

    Trouble Shooting Alternator

    It's the alternator. Mine did the same thing, at idle all the lights would come on. Changed the battery to a Yellow top, lasted a day before the lights started coming on again. Then it finally died. Go to Yota, or get a TOYOTA alternator from C-Dan with the external voltage regulator... I...

    Before and After Pics

    Before; After;

    Just an Update on 4:88's and 33's

    Milleage... well... I can average about 14 MPG, but my driving is crazy right now. I'm getting about 12, towing, and lots of work off roading, and Interstate driving at 75, 80 MPH most of the time. The speedo is about 7 MPH off at 70 MPH, with GPS. It changes, increases actual speed as you...

    Just an Update on 4:88's and 33's

    I really like them. I've been running them now for almost a year, the gears that is. The 33's for about 4 mos. They are perfect for the 3FE'ed 80 series. I'm tellin' ya. If you want performance out of a well maintained early 80 series with the 3FE, go with the gears. I've been flogging the 'ol...

    Jeep Tratior Needs Help Which Lc To Buy?

    I've owned a bunch of Jeeps, still own one. The 80 series is incredible in my opinion. Fit and finish is industrial, yet refined. What I mean is, everything is built tough, but it doesn't leave you with that big truck/ minimalist feeling. Compared to my 4.0 HO XJ, the FJ is slower, BUT...

    Regear the diffs or the T-Case???

    Unless your going out west and hammerring on the traction of slick rock, you'll be allright with a diff gear swap. Especially the 4:88's... Now will you be happy with 4:88's and 35's. I would say not. I would go with 5:29's for the 35's. My 4:88's and 33's, that measure a bit over 32"es, are...

    '92 FJ or '93 FZJ ??

    Take the extra 1500 bucks, add some 4:88 gears and rear locker. Then that 50 extra horses won't matter, for all the extra problems that go with them.

    Changing my grill to classic grill w/o decal

    Oh you poor late model 80 dudes. I guess you'll be looking for a 3FE sticker too... :D

    New tire for consideration!

    Nay, I was just getting ready to say the same thing. I have a lot of experience with the trxus, and they are THE BEST all around tire out there. They would spank the heck out of those new KM2's. I have the KM's on my Jeep XJ, I hate them. I'll be going to a trxus for that truck. Now the 80 has...

    Newbies dream turned curse

    That's it exactly!! I love the 3FE.

    410s to 488s

    I run 4:88's with 33's that measure a hair over 32"es tall. At 70 I'm running about 2700 RPMs. BUT, I have the 3FE, and older tranny. I can run 100 MPH with little effort in the flats, and at about 4000 rpm. Yea I know, not the smartest thing to do, but my point is the engine isn't wound out at...

    Newbies dream turned curse

    Well, do some more homework. Read the FAQ up above there. Basline is the key, and preventive maint. is necessary. Most of us here are maint. fanatics, but once you get used to the old girl, you'll know what to look for,and what she's going to demand in the future. First thing to do is read...
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