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  1. LonghornCruiser

    For Sale  2013 LX 570 Random Parts / 2016 Wheels

    My 2013 LX570 got totalled and I took a few parts before they hauled it off. Make me an offer. Location is Austin, TX First off is the 21" wheels I took off my 2016 that I replaced with my 2013 wheels. They are in great shape and the tires appear to be almost new. Set of 5 with TPMS...
  2. LonghornCruiser

    SOLD  Austin, TX - 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Replacing the ole LC and putting her on the market. She ain't the prettiest girl, but it's what is inside that counts. 206K and running strong with factory Center and Rear Locker and no rust to speak of and rear ac Originally Imperial Jade Mica Green but now a cheap Flat Olive Drab paint I've...
  3. LonghornCruiser

    For Sale  99 LC or LX470 ECM 89666-60261 Control Module w/ Master Key

    I bought this to test a transmission issue I was having and no longer need it. Figured I would offer on here before I go the eBay route. New ones are $800+ and most ones out there on eBay around this price don't come with a master key, so you have to have it reprogrammed to work with your...
  4. LonghornCruiser

    Wanted  99 Land Cruiser A343F Transmission

    Need to change out my transmission and hoping somebody would have a lead on one. Thanks in advance
  5. LonghornCruiser

    Kenwood DDX8017 installed

    I installed a Kenwood DDX8017 about a month ago. I didn't like the way the single-din cd player I had looked in the dash with the cheap plastic pocket. The 8017 fits perfectly and works great. Watched dvds the whole way to Breckenridge. Made it alot nicer trip. Also installed a infrared...
  6. LonghornCruiser

    Antenna Mast Replacement

    Does anyone know if a T-100 power antenna mast will work on a Cruiser. I ask because on ebay the Cruiser antenna mast is $50, while the T-100 is $20. It has the same stock picture so they look the same in the pic, but not sure if they actually are. How about the 4-Runner or Camry mast...
  7. LonghornCruiser

    98-? LX470 all-auto master power window switch

    Bought this off of ebay to see if it would work in my 99' 100. It has a different wiring harness. :mad: It should work perfectly, but I cannot test because I do not have a LX. It has the all-auto down feature that allows all the windows to go down with the single push of the buttons. Comes...
  8. LonghornCruiser

    Throttle Body Spacer

    How many of you are using one? If so, what kind? Can you tell any difference at all with one installed. They have claims of more horsepower and gas mileage, but I would like to hear yall's word for it. Seems like a cheap and easy upgrade, but is it worth it.
  9. LonghornCruiser

    Stereo FAQ

    Putting together some info for the FAQ. Here are some links to some helpful sites when it comes to Land Cruiser stereo. This looks like its for the in dash 6 disc. Wire harness to hook up an aftermarket stereo to the factory amp...
  10. LonghornCruiser

    Pennzoil Platinum

    Is anyone using Pennzoil Platinum? Getting my oil changed tomorrow and thinking about using it instead of Mobil 1. This is my first oil change since I bought the car and I am not really sure what is already in it. Any recommendations?
  11. LonghornCruiser

    Brake Rotor Removal???

    Does anybody have any instructions on how to remove the rear, or front for that matter, rotor? I cant find a thread that describes how to remove them and I think that I might need to get the rears turned. I haven't really looked at them yet, but since I am somewhat mechanically inclined, I...
  12. LonghornCruiser

    K&N FIPK

    I got a 99 Cruiser about a month ago and am looking at what low cost upgrades I can do. Has anyone gotten the new Fuel Injection Performance Kit from K&N? I am interested in how much you paid and if you actually noticed a difference in performance or gas mileage. Supposed to add 8hp which...
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