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  1. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Steering wheel FJ40

    Looking for a 1975-1978 FJ40 steering wheel, in great condition.
  2. reefdesigns

    Wanted  bfg at t/A KO 33x9.5x15

    This is a longshot Looking for a BFGoodrich all-terrain TA KO 33 x 9 50 x 15 It's important that it's a KO BFGoodrich part number 32374 Let me know!!!
  3. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Clutch fork spring bracket

    Looking for a clutch spring for bracket for 76 through 85 FJA it can be a 40 55 or 60. Need to get the truck back on the road. P.m. me if interested in selling
  4. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Clutch fork fj40/60

    Looking for clutch fork, retainer clips, spring, and bracket. CLUTCH FORK- 8/74-4/85 FJ40/55/60
  5. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Full floating axle shaft

    looking for a full floating axle shaft for passenger side. Any year up to 1990.
  6. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Fj40 75+ windshield

    Looking for a clean, clear windshield. Shipped to 33316
  7. reefdesigns

    Wanted  1979-1984 FF rear axle shaft right side

    looking for full floating right rear axle shaft from any 1979-1984 TLC any model.
  8. reefdesigns

    For Sale  FJ40 fiberglass tub

    Uncut fiberglass tub Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida Price is $2000 firm Was purchased for 1977 FJ40 Fuel tank is located under the passenger seat I do not know who manufactured If you have any questions email me at
  9. reefdesigns

    For Sale  1980 Fj40 Powertrain(Rolling Chassis)

    1980 FJ40 rolling chassis. Frame, engine, tranny, transfercase, complete axles, springs, radiator, complete factory power steering(no leaks), A/C compressor with brackets(maybe factory). located in S.Florida, will ship at your expense. $5000.00 obo
  10. reefdesigns

    For Sale  Fiberglass FJ40 parts

    I have an uncut tub, front fenders, and hood and hardtop 1/4's. Also have a good fiberglass cap Good steel aprons Good front bib Located in Ft Lauderdale 4000.00
  11. reefdesigns

    For Sale  FJ80 headlight assy

    Brand-new in the box Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 headlight assembly. right-hand side Was purchased for a 1991 Toyota land cruiser $175.00 R80 H/Lampassy- Fits 1/90-1/95 FJ80 W/O CLEANER
  12. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Mark's adapter Kit

    Looking for a marks adapter kit if you have one for sale please contact me.
  13. reefdesigns

    RHD FJ45 value

    Whats a rust free driver quality 1982 RHD FJ45 worth? Rust patched up on drivers side cab. Not perfect, but good. Great paint. Outside, not engine bay New aqualu bed. Front drum brake Full floating rear Trying to get an idea. I see between 12-25k Any comments.
  14. reefdesigns

    Wanted  79+ bib and/or bezel

    Looking for 79+ parts Bib Bezel Hand brake assy Fuel tank and brackets Brake master cylinder and booster
  15. reefdesigns

    Wanted  Looking for a rust free hood in florida

    Looking for a hood in Florida
  16. reefdesigns

    Wanted  1958 to 1969 front bib

    Looking for a rust free early front bib With indicator markers on it
  17. reefdesigns

    Fuel gauge posts

    I have a three post fuel gauge. When looking at it from behind does anyone know what posts go to what? which ones hot which one goes to the sender which ones ground if any Thanks
  18. reefdesigns

    V8 cooling hoses

    Does anybody have part number for hoses for a V8 conversion with marks adapter?
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