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  1. Zack1978

    craigslist Dreamer of the week

    This is by far the best one in this entire thread!
  2. Zack1978

    SOLD 1986 FJ60 SoCal

    Thank you for pointing out that I should read the description with your curt response. I think my reading comprehension skills are good. You note that the skid plates were powder coated, nowhere do you mention the frame in your description. So now you claim the frame was powder coated as well...
  3. Zack1978

    SOLD 1986 FJ60 SoCal

    Yeah a few cans of gloss black Rust-Oleum will do that.......
  4. Zack1978

    BaT RI: 88 FJ62 - from BaT to Copart in 14 days

    Estimated retail vale - $68,500???? What??
  5. Zack1978

    #6 White to brown bodywork and paint (Tatonka)

    Have you tackled roof rust yet on any FJ60 projects?
  6. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    Thank you!!!
  7. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    I was browsing Rockauto today and I came across the "Drum Brake Self Adjuster Repair Kit". It has new levers as well as the adjusters. I figured it was worth a shot for $30.00 for both sides. I will still probably order the OEM parts from Toyota as well to keep in stock, but I am curious if the...
  8. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    Does anyone have the OEM Toyota parts diagram for the rear brakes with part #'s ? I am not having any luck finding the diagram.
  9. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    And the shoes that I used were Beck/Arnley, so not OEM. In the past I have had great luck with B/A parts. It looks like the OEM shoes are part # : 04495-60070. Can anyone confirm that is the correct number?
  10. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    Can the levers you mentioned be easily replaced?
  11. Zack1978

    Rear brakes auto adjusting too much - hot dragging brake

    Has this continued to work? Do you happen to remember where you sourced the "C" clips? I assume they were not part of the "hardware" kit?
  12. Zack1978

    rear brakes over adjusting.....

    So is the answer to replace the adjuster?
  13. Zack1978

    Rear drum brakes - proper adjustment procedure(s)

    Back to square one...... I thought they were adjusted correctly, but apparently not. When driving the truck around town everything seemed fine, except that it didn't brake as well as n did in the past. When I took it out on the highway. after about 15 minutes I noticed some vibration from the...
  14. Zack1978

    Rear drum brakes - proper adjustment procedure(s)

    Hi everyone, I have done a good amount of "searching" threads here to find a definitive rear brake thread. Most of the threads that I have found are lacking some details specifically related to the adjustment process. I recently had to replace the rear shoes on my 87 FJ60 since they were...
  15. Zack1978

    For Sale California 1984 fj60 project

    No offense intended, but are you serious with the comment " hard to believe folks are so put off by some rust? "???? Some rust? The entire roof structure is compromised. It would be a VERY significant amount of work/money to correctly repair that damage. I certainly wish you the best of luck...
  16. Zack1978

    Rear Heater - Busted Valve pipe solutions?

    Could a competent radiator shop braze a new line on after cutting the damaged area off?
  17. Zack1978

    FJ60 fuel tank

    Wasn’t there info out there that dealers were not allowed to sell the, over the counter? They can only be obtained to do a recall?
  18. Zack1978

    New FJ60 Owner + Stereo Install

    Can you keep us updated on the online company that you used?
  19. Zack1978

    New FJ60 Owner + Stereo Install

    Great work! The install is perhaps the cleanest and most "factory" look that I have ever seen. If you were interested, I would think there would be a market for the mounting components. Job well done!
  20. Zack1978

    Hard "downshifting" when hot H55

    The oil is key to smooth shifting. The trans requires a GL4 oil, and they can be hard to find. The best oil that I have used is Redline MT-90, as noted above.
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