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    SOLD  Albuquerque, NM: '99 Built Toyota Landcruiser

    1999 Toyota Landcruiser (I am the 2nd owner) and have owned it since 2007. It had roughly 67k miles when I bought it, and I am still just under 150k (149,650 and counting). It has the rear AC, and factory electronic rear locker. All around, mechanically, she’s very good, I wouldn’t hesitate...
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    Battery Charger

    The LC battery died (Odyssey 2150) and the only charger I have is a trickle charger that maxes out at 3.5 A, and it's just not going to cut it. Anyone have a higher output (preferably 50+ amp) battery charger that will work with a AGM battery I could borrow for a couple hours today or drop off...
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    Rear axle leak

    Well, a couple weeks ago I smelled some burning gear oil, but didn't notice any obvious leaks, so I thought it was one of the neighbors vehicles, but it got me thinking I have been meaning to change the oil after the grind they went through on the 'con. So last Friday, I went ahead, and changed...
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    work lights

    These work lights just dropped to 9.97 at Costco (still had lots of them). I bought a set a few months ago for $20, and they work well. I have them in the truck as a work light or campsite light.
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    Rubithon Bound

    I'm taking my '99 on the Rubithon Wagon run this year, and wanted to get some other opinions on any maintenance items I should look at, or spares I should take. I've owned this for 11 years, so I know the truck very well, and have about 141k miles , wil likely have less than 1k added between...
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    For Sale  Tundra 18" Rims - Albuquerque

    Tundra 18" rims, with center cap. I needed to buy 2 sets to get a matching spare, so selling the other 2, $50 each + shipping. Located in Albuquerque, NM. edit: sold 1, 2 left updated.
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    Wanted  100 Series Skid plates

    I was looking into getting full belly skids for my 99 before I take it on the Rubithon in June, but the wait time is much longer than I anticipated, and may not be in before mid-June. Anyone got some used ones they would like to part with? I'm in Albuquerque, NM, so I would need them shipped...
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    ARB Combo bumper and Smittybuilt 12k winches

    Has anyone put any of the Smittybuilt 12k winches into the combo bumper ('99 Toyota Landcruiser) ? Do they fit as is, or do they need modifications to get it to work? Thanks, I need to get a winch going, and been considering getting the Gen X2O, also considering Warn VR12-S GEN II 12000lb...
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    Rubithon 30th Annual - June 19 - 24, 2018

    I've decided that I am going to take my Hundy to the Rubithon this year, time to start prepping. I'll be going on the Wagon run, anyone else in?
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    100 Series Key Option

    I ordered one of these new key options for the 100 series, and I really like it. You can use the metal part from the old broken key shells in this, so you don't have to go get a new key cut. Since I haven't thrown any of the broken keys away, I was able to set it up in a few seconds. So far...
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    In case you haven't seen it yet, Cabela's opens on Thursday at 10am
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    Fridge slide

    For those of you using a fridge, do you have it on a slide or just permanent mounted. I have an Engel 60qt, and was planning on building a slide for it, but now I am reconsidering. Mostly, because of my short stature, even if it did slide out to the tailgate, I'll still need to be on the...
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    The General Tacoma-Lee

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    Wanted  100 Series Primary Battery Grp 31 tray - NM

    Group 31 Primary battery tray I am planning on buying this sometime in the next few months, but if anyone has one of these laying around, let me know. Shipping to Albuquerque. Thanks, Ron edit: Found 2nd tray, now just searching for the other item
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    Wanted  Engel MT-60 Transit bag in NM

    Just picked up a used Engel MT-60, and would like to see if anyone has a transit bag available. Also if someone has a fridge slide, I may also be interested. Thanks, Ron
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    Rubithon 30th year

    I've wanted to go on the Rubicon Trail for a long time, and I think I am going to make the goal to go next year at the 30th running of the Rubithon. I'd like some input from others here that have been on the trail. So far here are my thoughts: 100 Series: Pro: I already have it, and...
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    Navajo Lake - Salmon Snagging

    Fishing report says people are catching their limits in Navajo, so that's the direction we are headed. We'll be at one of the campgrounds Pine, Pinon, Juniper or Cedar, depending on vacancy which are near where the action is happening. We'll probably stay until Sunday in case anyone wants to...
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    Camping Lab RTT

    I just picked up a used Camping Lab rtt, and going out for the first trip this weekend. Anyone that has one, can you leave your sleeping bag in the tent and fold it back up ? I don't intend to do highway travel with it in there, just for quick fold-up and fold out for moving from the...
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    Hundy's younger sibling

    Added a new pony to the stable.
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    Cheap Rear cargo mat

    @marcfj60 and @mbarela I figure you may like this, I saw it posted on a thread on the 100 forum. For $20 (tan) totally worth it, I would if I didn't find the husky liners on craigslist a couple years ago...
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