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  1. FluByU

    Need advice on possible purchase

    Ok fellas need some advice. There is a dealership selling a RHD 1990 HJ62. I have gotten him down to around the $10500 mark but wanted to see if you guys thought it was worth it. I would have to pay to ship it back to the states since the military only covers 1 and the misses has to come back...
  2. FluByU

    Wanted  FJ40 in Europe

    I moved to England several months ago and left my 40 in the states since it was undergoing a frame off at the time. I miss it and Toyota in general, I have a Lexus here but doesnt feel the same. Does mud member know of any FJ40s for sale in Europe? I have been looking but cant really find...
  3. FluByU

    For Sale  NV: 73 FJ40 Engine/ Axle/Brake Parts

    1. I picked up an 78 2F to rebuild and toss into my 73. It was supposed to be a good motor with good compression but the PO had already pulled it and didn't have any numbers to go with. Took a chance on it and picked it up. As I tore it down I found a shot #6 piston, worn cam, worn crank and...
  4. FluByU

    For Sale  Delete

  5. FluByU

    Wanted  4 spd shifter

    The shifter out of my 4 speed has a PO preferred bend in the shaft just above where it comes out of the transmission. It annoys the hell out of me. Anyone have a good straight unmolested shaft laying around?
  6. FluByU

    For Sale  2014 Tundra TRD Crewmax 4X4

  7. FluByU

    Wanted  H42 Trans

    My 4 speed has a groove on the input shaft. Instead of getting a used shaft from Georg and then a rebuild kit I am thinking of just putting in a new trans. Anyone have one laying around that is in good condition?
  8. FluByU

    Wanted  Aisin Hub Parts

    I was cleaning up a set of new to me Aisin hubs and found that I am missing the pawl tension spring that holds the pawl to the lockout gear. I could also use a new set of pawls that arent bent. Anyone have a set of springs and pawls?
  9. FluByU

    Wanted  Birfield and Hub Gear

    I am an idiot and snapped off a portion of my freewheel hub gear (30 spline part) and screwed up the shaft as well. I need a new outer shaft and the gear if anyone has an extra laying around. Thanks
  10. FluByU

    Wanted  2F Fan and Clutch

    Want to swap a 2F fan and clutch onto my 1.5F motor. If anyone has one, let me know.
  11. FluByU

    For Sale  (NV) Axle Shaft

    Stock passenger side axle shaft for 75 and newer 40. $45 plus shipping. What I have into it, bought it but I needed one for a 74 and older.
  12. FluByU

    Wanted  40 Disc Brake Front Axle

    Noticed a rather large dent in the pumpkin of my front axle as I was rebuilding it. I think it will be OK to continue to run but wanted to see if anyone has a disc brake axle anywhere semi close to Las Vegas.
  13. FluByU

    Wanted  40 or 60 complete 3rd member

    The driveline place that I had look at the rearend of my 40 have decided that I need new gears, spider gears and pinion sleeve to get it back on the road. All of this for a low low price of $1495. Little too step for my blood at this point so I am looking for a complete 3rd out of a 40 or 60...
  14. FluByU

    Wanted  Passenger Rear Axle shaft

    I need a 9/73 or older passenger side rear axle. The one with the replaceable bearing race on the axle shaft. Need one relatively soon. Mine as a warped flange.
  15. FluByU

    Wanted  73 rear frame cross member

    Anyone have a 73 or older (with the round tail lights) solid rear frame cross member? Mine has a huge bend in it from the PO and my OCD is making me fix it. I also need the passenger side angle bracket as well.
  16. FluByU

    Wanted  (NV) Complete 2F engine

    I am looking for a spare engine that still has some life. My F has about given up on me so I am looking for a spare to get all set of a swap when this one calls it quits. Located in Las Vegas, NV willing to drive reasonable distance to pick it up. Thanks
  17. FluByU

    For Sale  (NV) Rear Hatch

    I have an extra rear hatch for my hard top. In great condition with zero rust and good glass but is missing all the internals. No handles or mechanism inside. Asking $50 plus the ride or trade for parts. I need front turn signals and 4 speed transmission cover. Open to any and all offers...
  18. FluByU

    A slow walk down a very long road.

    I decided to get out in the garage and spend a little quality time with the 40 this morning. Its a 1973 (Dec 1972 build date) FST in Freeborn Red originally. One of the PO's got rid of the soft top and installed a hard top. They also did some really excellent wiring upgrades as well as...
  19. FluByU

    Wanted  Big Cap Dizzy

    I am looking to do the 2F big cap dizzy upgrade on my F motor. Anyone have a dizzy, dented side pan and coil??
  20. FluByU

    Carb Help

    I am in the middle of rebuilding the carb on the old girl and have been watching Pinheads videos on youtube. I noticed that while he was taking his apart he pointed out the venturi's are different between the primary and secondary. I looked again at my carb and have 2 secondarys only. Is this...
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