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    FREE  80 Series Carpet Set, Phoenix

    Gone - found a nice home in Hawaii. Free to a good home, decent condition, front row, second row and cargo mat, from a 1996 LX450, pick up in Phoenix or pay shipping from Phoenix 85018, 20 pounds.
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    For Sale  80 Series 3rd Row Seats, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Good condition, from a 1996 LX450, located in Phoenix 85018 $250 firm
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    For Sale  Phoenix: 18" Tundra Alloy Wheels with Tires

    For Sale: Toyota Tundra alloy wheels in excellent condition. The wheel size is 18” x 8”. The bolt pattern is 5 x 150. Includes center caps. Should also fit Sequoia, Land Cruiser (100) and Lexus LX470. The mounted tires are 265 / 70 / 18 Pathfinder Sport S 114S SL OWL A/T from Discount Tire...
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    Power Mirror Issue

    Driver side mirror works fine but passenger side mirror is dead from the mirror control switch on the dash. But it lowers in reverse just fine, and folds from the dash button just fine. So are there two motors in there and one of mine is dead? Or does this point to a bad control switch on the...
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    Worn Out Buttons

    re: 1998 LX470 Some prior owner was apparently very sensitive to fan speed because they just obliterated the fan speed button. It's worn through to some other color and is a bit unsightly. Dealer says not available, at least as an individual button. I could paint it but matching the color...
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    Rear Bumper Rubber Pad

    re: 1998 LX The rubber pad on top of the rear bumper - how does it come off? Bumper has to be removed? Can it be purchased separately or is it part of the bumper?
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    FREE  LX470 Cargo Area Carpet

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Just Paypal me the shipping cost from AZ 85018, 9 pounds, UPS, Fed Ex or USPS, your choice. From a 1998 LX470, oak or light oak interior? Decent condition.
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    For Sale  18" Tundra Alloy Wheels with tires

    no longer available
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    Driver Door Lock Problem

    Just bought a 1998 LX. The remote locks and unlocks everything as it should but will not lock or unlock the driver door. Same for the lock/unlock button on the driver door - locks and unlocks everything but the driver door. Only the key in the driver door will lock and unlock the driver door...
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    Name That Part

    re: 2000 LX470 Is this an AHC accumulator? Does the fact that it says KYB mean that it is not an original part?
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    Upholstery Removal

    re: 2000 LX470. My driver seat leather looks pretty good but the foam in the outside bottom bolster has collapsed or moved around or both. I'd like to take the leather off the seat bottom and build up the foam. How hard is it to remove the upholstery and get it back on looking good? Any...
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    Sequoia VSC Investigation

    U.S. investigates steering problems in 135,000 older Toyota SUVs I know I've read of similar VSC problems on 100 series circa 2000-01 but can't find the source now, maybe another forum. It looks like 2001 was the first year for Sequoia and VSC may have been standard. It seems like 100s should...
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