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  1. klob

    Frakenhead 82 2F

    I have a 1982 Fj40 with a 2F. I discovered during the course of replacing the head gasket, that the head is a prior year, open-chamber design. My pistons are flat-top, which makes this a stupid PO low-compression setup :( I can confirm that my block is an 1982. I purchased a closed-chamber...
  2. klob

    Leaking Distributor Vacuum Advance Canister?

    Hi. I just completed rebuilding the distributor on the fully-smogged 2f in my 82 FJ40. In doing so, I determined the governor weights were binding up on old sludge/grease that lubricates the weights where they move along the signal rotor. Other addressed issues: 1. The Dist. also had the...
  3. klob

    82 FJ40 AC Amplifier Issues

    Hi. I have a Feb. 1982 FJ40 with an OEM Nippondenso AC evaporator and a 12V AC Amplifier. The PO had undertaken several mods to make the AC system operational and I’m now in the process of getting the system back to its stock configuration. I’ve made several fixes, but am now stuck, and I’m...
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