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    For Sale 1990 FJ62 Land cruiser $3800 obo

    Bump! $3500
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    For Sale 1990 FJ62 Land cruiser $3800 obo

    Ican email you more pics if you PM me your email address. It is located in Clinton, NC 28328
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    For Sale  1990 FJ62 Land cruiser $3800 obo

    Nice 1990 FJ62. Just replaced belts, water pump, air filter, and oil. Adjusted the valves back in spring and set the timing. Exterior is in good shape clear coat has faded on hood and a few scratch and dents but expected on a 20 year old truck. Interior is in great shape just a small tear in the...
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    For Sale 1996 Tacoma Zero Rust in Vermont/Canada

    Ill give 4000 cash! The only thing is I live in NC. I see you have a house in georgia. I know it sounds crazy but I would be a buyer if you were closer.
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