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  1. MAO

    For Sale FJ40 Door Tops

    pm sent
  2. MAO

    SOLD WI - Bestop Bow Kit

  3. MAO

    For Sale BJ40 Fuel Tank - Under Seat Type

    hey, Do you ever drive by Otay? I'd buy it if you coil drop it off at my freight forwarder's address in Otay. Let me know
  4. MAO

    For Sale 2F Valve Cover in Nice Shape

    send it my way. PM PayPal info
  5. MAO

    For Sale 2F Valve Cover in Nice Shape

    what would shipping be to 92154?
  6. MAO

    SOLD [Maryland] FJ40 Seat Brackets.

    pm sent
  7. MAO

    For Sale Atlanta: early style door uppers

    send them my way. PM me PayPal info please
  8. MAO

    SOLD Mi battery tray and clamp

    I'll take them all if they're still available. PM PayPal info
  9. MAO

    For Sale Marietta GA ; 3D printed magnetic radio blank plates

    I'll take one. PM incoming
  10. MAO

    For Sale San Diego: FJ40 Extended Shackles with bolts. HD 5.25 Inch Center to Center

    Cabo. My forwarder is in San Diego
  11. MAO

    SOLD Camino, Ca. FJ40 Teraflex shackles PRICE DROPPED!

    send them my way, pm incoming
  12. MAO

    SOLD SC: FJ40 ARB Gen 2 Front Bumper

    I'll take it, pm incoming
  13. MAO

    SOLD [Maryland] FJ40 Seat Brackets.

    interested. 60 plus shipping?
  14. MAO

    SOLD Placerville Ca. 4 Yokohama Geolander M/T 305-70-16

    interested. pm inbound
  15. MAO

    For Sale Virginia: ICON 2.5 rear shocks

    I'll take them if they're still available...
  16. MAO

    For Sale FJ60/62 Seats Unlimited Custom Seat Covers Grey/Blue Serape New In Box

    hey, those look pretty well made, the pattern not my cup of tea, but if you'd take 120 for them I'd take them off your hands. I'm thinking I can use them to protect my original seats from the sun, as I am full time topless Let me know
  17. MAO

    For Sale Oil cooler parts, misc parts

    housing,thermostat,bolts and gaskets $50 shipped ?? pm me
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