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  1. 80 Cruiser Rod

    This could be my last post :(

    Well, this could be my last post. Yesterday my head gasket blew on my cruiser and I had to get towed to a service station. Today I talked to someone that does engine work and was given a low estimate without parts of $3,000. The sad part is about 4,000 miles ago I put new tires and a complete...
  2. 80 Cruiser Rod


    It took a while especially since this isn't my DD anymore but I finally hit 300,000 miles. It's really past that due to the 33" tires that I been driving on for the last 100k. :clap:
  3. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Water Leak in Back of Cruiser

    My rig is getting tired I guess. Not the drive train but everything else. Between rust and rot and plastic breaking down now I'm dealing with water leaking into the back of my truck in the cargo area along the back hatch. I wasn't really concerned with it during the summer while it was warm and...
  4. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Door Window Rubber Trim Gaskets

    I've noticed much of my rubber trim gaskets on my door windows is all starting to shrink and come up off it's molding. Can they be fixed or do they have to and can they be replaced?
  5. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Leak In Cargo Area

    My rig is getting old I guess. It seems like I'm starting to get a lot of water leaking somewhere in the rear of my truck. The carpet in the back has been getting pretty wet and I'm not sure where the leak is. Any common area to start looking?
  6. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Need New Fuel Tank

    Looking for suggestions where I can get the best price for a new fuel tank for my 1994 Land Cruiser and what the part numbers are for the tank and the fill tube.
  7. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Replaced Fuel Tank Won't Run

    I just got a call from the shop were my fuel tank has been replaced. My tank is being replaced with a used tank I got from someone here that is parting out a rig. The only thing I know is the replacement tank came out of a Lexus. The mechanic just called to tell me that the tank is in but truck...
  8. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Need New Rear Rotors for my 94 LC

    I'm shopping for new rear rotors for my rig and I'm looking for the best price I can find. Is there anything I should be aware of, and where can I get the best deal? Don't have deep pockets, need a good fare price. Stock replacement rotors will be fine.
  9. 80 Cruiser Rod

    94 Front Brake Pad Replacement

    I going to be replacing my front brake pads for the umpteenth time again. I lost count on how many times I've done this. I usually go with the OEM pads but was wondering if anyone has had any luck with any other pads. The cheapest price I found so far is around $75 on ebay with free S&H for OEM...
  10. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Big Fuel Tank Problems

    I noticed something hanging from under my rig today. I got underneath it and discovered one of the straps for the fuel tank had broken due to corrosion/rust. I noticed the Fuel Tank Protector is in pretty bad shape also. I don't want to throw a lot of money in this, so does anyone have any ideas...
  11. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Interior Light Stays On

    I've been trying to figure out this problem for a while. More so in the cold weather the interior lights (over the front and back seats) in the cabin will not go out when the doors are closed. Now that it's warm out, it's not a problem, but as soon as it gets cold again I'm sure it will be back...
  12. 80 Cruiser Rod

    3 Way Cat or Single Cat

    I need to replace my exhaust system. The muffler shop told me they weren't able to get some of the parts through their venders and suggested I get the parts and they would do the install. I've read some post on this and some guys did switch to a single cat while I also read that there may be a...
  13. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Need New Exhaust

    To make a long story short I need to replace my entire exhaust from the cats on back. I'm open for any suggestions. I do have a duel cat set up. I need to find the parts as far as catalytic converters, the Y pipe coming off the cats and the oxygen censor flanges.
  14. 80 Cruiser Rod

    HELP! Starter Problems? I Think...

    I think this is my starter but not sure. For a some time now when I would start my cruiser (when it was cold, maybe sitting for a couple of days) I might get a click and then the next time I turned the key it would start. Sometimes it would happen a couple of times and then it would start. I...
  15. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Gas Leak/Charcoal Canister?

    My gas leak happens when the tank is filled and the leak is back where the tank is. In my searches I read that the CC can be the problem if it is clogged. My rig has over 287K and the hoses to the CC look like if I touch them they will crumble. My question is, Do I need to completely remove the...
  16. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Courtesy Lights Stay On

    I've been struggling with this for a while. At one point I would play with the courtesy light switch (pushing it in and out) on the driver's side and it would only come on when temps were below freezing. Strange, I know! Then I decided to remove it and spray contact cleaner. That seemed to work...
  17. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Heater Control Lights

    I replaced my head unit with a Bluetooth model this week end. Something I wish I would have done a while ago. Anyway, the install was really easy and I thought after I put my dash back together my after though was I should have replaced the lights in the Heater Control Unit. I've done some...
  18. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Spark Plugs

    I'm going to tune up my truck and was wondering what spark plugs to use. I looked through some post and didn't fine any preference on plugs. Will using any quality plug due?
  19. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Gas Milage

    I've had my truck for about 6 years now. I use to get about 14.5 mpg then I started adding some mods, now I'm down to about 11.5 mpg. I have about 80k on the last tune up and she still runs great. After reading some old threads with all that I added to my truck this seems pretty normal. Should I...
  20. 80 Cruiser Rod

    Power Steering R&R

    Could anyone tell me about replacing a PS pump in a 94? I didn't find all that much info in my search.
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